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Student Organizations On-Campus Event Policy

Chapter 8530

Issued May 27, 2009, Revised Aug. 2, 2017

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Types of Events and Security Measures
.030 Party Patrol
.040 K-State Police
.050 Responsibilities of the Student Event Coordinator
.060 Responsibilities of Advisors
.070 Pre-Planning Meeting
.080 Using the K-State Student Union
.100 Questions

.010 Introduction

The Event Policy is intended to cover on-campus events coordinated by registered student organizations that are considered social and participatory in nature and involve pre-planning or the intention to coordinate an event on campus. The Union Program Department and Housing and Dining Services will enforce similar policies for their events that are within the framework of this policy.

Failure for registered student organizations to comply with the guidelines and expectations of this policy will result in the organization being referred to the Office of Student Activities and Services (OSAS) for possible disciplinary action.

.020 Types of Events and Security Measures

There are two types of events defined by this policy. These definitions serve as guidelines for the coordination of staffing, security, facilities requirements, etc.

  1. Open/Publicized Events: Open events involve participation from University persons and Non-University persons. All sleep out or overnight outdoor events will be considered an open event. One K-State Police security officer will be required, at a minimum. This requirement will be for any overnight or sleep out event, no matter how many participants. Simply by being outside, these events are susceptible to other non-participating people causing problems.
  2. Closed/Unpublicized Events: Closed events are those which involve participation from University persons. Non-University persons must be on a guest list prior to the event. The guest list must be made available to the advisor no later than 5 p.m. on the day prior to the event. The Student Coordinator or his/her designee is responsible for monitoring the list at the door. These events may require a member(s) of the sponsoring organization to monitor the door(s) to the event.

.030 Party Patrol

"Party Patrol" is defined as a group of at least four students, two men and two women, who are not necessarily associated with the sponsoring group. Party Patrols may be required for both open and closed events. It is the Party Patrol's responsibility to self-regulate the event and make sure policies and procedures are being followed. The Party Patrol shall have the authority to disband if necessary or contact Campus Police to have an officer monitor the event and assist with disbanding if necessary.

.040 K-State Police

For scheduled events the necessity of a full-time police officer shall be determined by the facilities representative at the Pre-Planning Meeting. Should full-time officers be required for the event, they will be expected to monitor inside and outside the event as deemed necessary by the Campus Police Representative at the Pre-Planning Meeting. Additional officers may be required for an event based on past history of the group and/or event and anticipated turnout of people. For scheduled overnight events on KSU grounds and for scheduled social events (e.g., dances, walk/runs) where officers are required, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for the costs incurred from hiring campus police, unless determined otherwise at the Pre-Planning Meeting.

Any individual who is under the age of 18, entering an open or closed event, must have a valid K-State identification card, driver's license or military identification card. For any event continuing past 10 p.m., any individual under the age of 18 must have a valid K-State identification card to enter the event.

Pursuant to Manhattan City Ordinance, Article VII, Curfew for Minors, Section 22.81 it is unlawful for person(s) under the age of 18 to be on, or present in, any public street, avenue, alley, park, or other public place in the city, between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. of the following day, official city time, unless accompanied by his or her parent or guardian.

Therefore, as K-State is an annex to the city of Manhattan and K-State Police will uphold this ordinance, any person(s) that falls into this category must abide by this tenet. As such, any event being held must at the time of 11:30 p.m. announce that person(s) in this age group must depart the venue. Additionally, all events promotional material should reflect this policy in order to assist in the adherence to this ordinance.

.050 Responsibilities of the Student Event Coordinator

The Student Event Coordinator (as designated by the organization) shall be responsible for event related details leading to, during and through a post event evaluation to assure the safe and successful production of an event on campus. This individual shall serve as the "contact person" for the event.

While different events require varied planning segments, a Student Event Coordinator may be involved in the following activities/tasks:

  1. Determine through pre-event meeting with the appropriate representatives, the time, place, and nature of the specified event.
  2. Assess event needs as they pertain to: staffing (advisors, University personnel, etc.) security, sanitation, food and beverage, medical/first aid, box office, facilities equipment, signage and communications.
  3. Recruit and brief the necessary personnel, including specifics as they pertain to event duties and needs.
  4. Serve as the on-site coordinator for the specific event or gathering; serve as a liaison between departments and organization.
  5. Evaluate, at a post event meeting, areas needing specific attention and future recommendations.
  6. In addition, the Student Coordinator of the event, and other planner(s) serve as host, crowd controller, enforcer of rules and to check identification.

.060 Responsibilities of Advisors

It is the expectation that the advisor participate in the planning of the event. In addition, the advisor, his/her designee or appointed representative of the appropriate governing body (if applicable) must attend the event. Specifically, the advisor will be expected to participate in the following:

  1. Shall be notified of the event date, times, place, cost, fundraisers, admission, audience and participants.
  2. Shall approve criteria of the event prior to any public awareness.
  3. Shall review general needs and ensure organization is in compliance with policies.
  4. Advisor, staff designee or appointed representative from appropriate governing body (if applicable) must attend Pre-Planning Meeting as designated by the facilities representative.
  5. The advisor or his/her designate, must have in their possession by 5 p.m. the day prior to the event, a guest list for the event (if applicable).

.070 Pre-Planning Meeting

Once an organization has scheduled a facility for its event, the facility representative will provide the student with an Event Agreement Form. Initial information must be completed at the time of the Pre-Planning Meeting. The facilities representative has the authority to determine at the time of reservation the necessity of a Pre-Planning Meeting. If a planning meeting is not necessary, then the Event Agreement Form shall be completed at that time.

It is required, at least two weeks prior to the event, that a planning meeting be coordinated to discuss the logistics of the event. A representative responsible for the facility in which the event is scheduled, will coordinate the meeting. The following individuals will be involved in the meeting: a facilities representative, student event coordinator, the advisor or his/her designee, and a campus police representative. The facilities representative may determine if additional individuals need to be involved in the meeting. At that time, an Event Agreement Form will be completed by the organization. This agreement must be filed with the OSAS at least two weeks prior to the event.

In the case the event(s) are to be fundraisers, a "FUNDRAISING PERMIT" must also be obtained and completed and turned into the facility representative at the time of the meeting of all concerned. This form may be obtained from the OSAS office, ground floor, K-State Student Union.

Additionally, any/all promotional material posted within the K-State Student Union must be approved for posting within the facility. This may be done at the Reservations Office, Director's Office, K-State Student Union.

.080 Using the K-State Student Union

For the K-State Student Union (KSSU), the following adjustments to the Event Policy apply:

LOCATION: Unless there are situations that lend itself better for events to be held in the KSSU Ballroom, (dinner dances, prom and events not solely dance related) Union Station will be the space available for reservation. This will be at the discretion of the KSSU Associate Director.

TIME: Groups will be able to schedule events from 9 p.m.-1:30 a.m. No exception will be recognized. Music needs to start slowing down at 1:15 a.m. to avoid additional charges.

PRE PLANNING MEETING: As in the current policy this meeting will be required two weeks in advance of event. Emphasis will call for the organization's advisor or designee to be in attendance.

PROMOTION: Events will be considered closed events, meaning they are scheduled primarily for KSU students. No off campus marketing will be permitted.

GUEST: Admittance only with KSU affiliates with current KSU ID card. Invited guests will be permitted, however, they are to check in at the dance entrance and sign in along with the KSU person who is the sponsor of the invitee. Some form of picture ID will be required to validate guest name. Three guests per KSU affiliate and all names will be entered in sign-in book. KSSU Building Manager will provide and pick up guest book.

ADVISOR: The organization's recognized advisor or designee (s) will be required to be in attendance during the event as well as the preplanning meeting.

METAL DETECTOR: KSSU will use a pass through detector (similar to the devises used at airports). The sponsoring organization will be the responsible party to conduct this procedure. Entrance to event will not be permitted without this procedure. If a customer leaves the event he/she must go through detector again. University policy prohibits any weapons on campus.

UNIVERSITY POLICE: As per the University Police work force labor union guidelines, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to schedule officers. They will monitor the parking lot and the KSSU facility. They will provide assistance, when appropriate, in support of the KSSU staff and student organization. Two KSU police officers for Union Station and three officers if event in Main Ballroom. University Police will assess an hourly fee per officer for their services.

RENTAL AND OTHER KSSU FEES: No rental will be charged for Union Station and no late hour charge (after 11:00 pm) for building being open. Any other facilties in the Union will be subject to charges and late fees.

DEPARTURE FROM DANCE: Once admitted into the dance, there will be no re-admittance into the dance if one leaves before conclusion of event. Sponsoring organization will control those leaving to use restrooms adjacent to Union Station.

.090 Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of Student Activities and Services, 809 K-State Student Union, 532-6541.