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University Motor Pool

Chapter 6430
Revised May 2, 2013

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Scheduling Vehicles
.030 Motor Pool Vehicle Rental Rates
.040 Use and Operation of Motor Pool Vehicle
.050 Credit Cards, Emergency and Other Expenditures
.060 Parking for and Return of State-Owned or Leased Motor Vehicles
.070 Insurance and Accident Reporting
.090 Questions
.100 Request for Transportation

.010 Introduction

Kansas State University Division of Facilities operates the University Motor Pool which provides vehicles for lease by University departments for transportation of employees and students. There are over 75 vehicles in the Motor Pool, consisting of sedans, station wagons, pickups and vans. The shuttle van for Services for Physically Limited is also a part of the Motor Pool. This policy defines the regulations for use and establishes the responsibility of the University and the User.

.020 Scheduling Vehicles

To schedule a motor pool vehicle, call the University Motor Pool at 532-6397 to verify if a vehicle will be available when needed. A Request for Transportation form should then be submitted to the Kansas State University Motor Pool. A copy may be faxed to 532-6395. Priority for use of vehicles will be in the order in which the Request for Transportation form is received in the University Motor Pool office, located in the Vehicle Maintenance Garage, 2610 Claflin Avenue. The University Motor Pool will confirm with the requesting department the availability of the requested vehicle for the date or dates requested. Unless the department does not desire collision insurance, the department will be billed for the $2.33 per day collision insurance premium. The department will be billed at the end of each month for any vehicle rentals on the monthly Facilities invoice.

.030 Motor Pool Vehicle Rental Rates

The current rates for the use of a University Motor Pool Vehicle are as follows:

 VehicleMinimum Daily Charge
(Driven Less than 50
Miles Per Day)
Per Mile Charge
(Driven over 50
Miles Per Day)


Mini Bus$36.00




7 & 8 Passenger$23.50$0.47
12 Pass Vans$25.00$0.50
15 Pass Vans$25.00$0.50
Pick Up Truck$23.50$0.47

Other Miscellaneous Charges

Collision Insurance$2.33 per day
Trailer Hitch Charge (vans)$0.05 per mile
Seat Removal Charge$13.67
Late Return ChargeMinimum Daily Charge
No Show ChargeMinimum Daily Charge
Airport ChargesMinimum Daily Charge
Extra Dirty Vehicle Charge$13.67
Handicap Van$24.84

Mileage charges are in accordance with the current schedule with a 50 mile daily minimum. This includes gas, oil, tires, and repairs. Tolls, washing, parking fees, and the like must be paid by the driver. Late returns will be charged the daily minimum rate for any time beyond the requested period. Daily charge period is from midnight to midnight, or any portion thereof.

Optional collision damage liability insurance is available. Conditions of the insurance are noted on the "Request for Transportation" form. The department has the option of being charged the daily charge or paying for any damages incurred while using the vehicle. If NEITHER preference is marked on the form, the University Motor Pool will assess the daily insurance charge.

The State of Kansas provides only liability coverage, not comprehensive or collision coverage, for dispatched and permanently assigned vehicles. Per K.A.R. 1-17-7(a):

"...Any damage or loss to a rented or permanently assigned vehicle or loss of equipment and costs related thereto on the vehicle may be chargeable to the department to which the vehicle is rented or permanently assigned. Such recoveries of costs to repair damages or to replace losses of vehicle equipment, excluding ordinary wear and tear, is authorized by the State of Kansas..."

While the University Motor Pool is authorized to charge the department for any damages while the vehicle is rented or permanently assigned, traditionally the University Motor Pool has absorbed damages resulting from vandalism, hail, or damage as a result of mechanical failure. The University Motor Pool does, however, charge the department for damages resulting from their driver's error, thus holding the department responsible for their driver's actions.

University Motor Pool vehicle charges not paid within 60 days will result in discontinuance of services until the obligation is paid.

The driver assumes responsibility for keeping the vehicles neat and clean while renting them. An additional charge will be assessed for excessive trash or dirt found in the vehicle at the time it is returned. Damage caused by negligence will be charged to the department.

No charges will be made for reservations canceled 24 hours prior to pick up time. No charges will be made for last minute cancellations due to illness or bad weather if the University Motor Pool is notified as soon as possible by calling 532-6397.

If a vehicle is scheduled but not canceled or used, the daily minimum charge will be assessed.

Vehicles not picked up two hours after scheduled time will automatically be canceled with the minimum charge being assessed.

If for any reason it is necessary for the University Motor Pool to withdraw a scheduled vehicle, the scheduling department will be notified as soon as possible. Normally, the last vehicle scheduled will be the first withdrawn.

.040 Use and Operation of Motor Pool Vehicle

As outlined in PPM Chapter 6420 State Owned Vehicle Usage under section .020 Use of State Owned or Leased Vehicle State-owned or leased motor vehicles are to only be used for official state business and only operated by a person who has a valid United States driver's license and who is an officer or employee of Kansas State University. Only employees of the State or a person or persons reasonably engaged in and accompanying a state employee or other person approved on official state business shall be allowed to ride in a state-owned or leased motor vehicle. The operator of all State vehicles must also comply with Section 6420.030 State Owned Vehicle Usage Responsibility of Operation.

It is recognized that a 15-passenger van will often be the most effective means of transportation for certain activities and events involving University employees and/or students. Refer to Chapter 6450, Van Policy on Usage of 15-Passenger Vans, for the uniform standards established for use of the van.

Vehicles may be picked up from 7:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday at the University Motor Pool lot at 2610 Claflin Avenue, behind the Vehicle Maintenance Garage. The University Motor Pool does not deliver vehicles to departments or pick them up from other parking facilities. To maximize scheduling opportunities, vehicles should not be scheduled for pickup before the time of use if that time falls within normal working hours.

Current United States driver's license numbers will be recorded at the time of pickup. University Motor Pool staff may also require a current KSU identification card. A packet will be given to the driver which contains necessary items for the trip.

A University Motor Pool vehicle is not to be used to commute between the employee's residence and the employee's official work station, except when the vehicle is assigned to the employee on a trip basis only and driving the vehicle to the employee's residence will not increase the total one-way trip mileage between the official work station and the destination by more than 10 miles.

Drivers must be officers or employees of the State of Kansas. Special permission may be granted for certain persons to drive the vehicles. This request must be submitted in writing seven days prior to date of use.

No family members may accompany the driver. No pets are allowed to ride in the vehicles. Exception will be made for dogs used by persons with physical disabilities.

Vehicles should be returned to the University Motor Pool lot located at 2610 Claflin Avenue behind the Vehicle Maintenance Garage, at the time the trip is completed. The driver should not hold the vehicle until they return to campus at regular work time in order to maximize scheduling opportunities. Vehicles do not have to be filled with gas when returned. Return all items, including credit cards and receipts in the packet issued to the driver when the vehicle was picked up. The driver should remove all personal belongings; motor pool staff will not be responsible for any personal items left in vehicles. Remove keys and packet. Be sure all windows are rolled up, lock the vehicle, place keys and other material in the packet, and insert the packet in the slot of the door of the University Motor Pool office. Please describe any unsatisfactory condition of the vehicle on the proper form (Vehicle Condition Report) included in the driver's packet. If you return the vehicle during working hours, please mention the problem to the Motor Pool staff.

.050 Credit Cards, Emergency and Other Expenditures

A State of Kansas Visa credit card is issued in the driver's packet when the car is dispatched. INDIVIDUALS WILL BE HELD LIABLE FOR CHARGES MADE AT OTHER STATIONS UNLESS AN EMERGENCY EXISTS. NO FOOD OR PERSONAL ITEMS ARE TO BE CHARGED ON THE CREDIT CARD. The credit cards provided are to be used for University Motor Pool vehicles only. Use of credit cards for personal use is prohibited.

The cost of supplies, services, maintenance, and repair for University Motor Pool vehicles is included as part of the mileage charge made to the user department. Up to $200.00 in minor repairs, including towing, oil, and tire repair, may be charged on a credit card. Towing and service charges incurred through improper parking of the vehicle by the driver will be charged to the driver. Major repairs are not authorized without clearance from the Director of Facilities Administration and Finance at (785) 532-1713, or the University Motor Pool at (785) 532-6397 (Fax (785) 532-6395). If such clearance is not obtained, the driver may be liable for the cost of such repairs. Return any replaced parts to the University Motor Pool. If personal funds have to be used for repairs, the driver will be reimbursed. Receipts covering all approved items of expenditures should be submitted to University Motor Pool staff when returning the vehicle.

In the event that problems with a University Motor Pool vehicle create a need to lease a vehicle from the private sector, call one of the numbers located in the vehicle's packet to get instructions from University Motor Pool personnel. To be reimbursed for expenses incurred when leasing a private vehicle, you must contact the Travel Center for State Employees at (785) 368-6625 or 1-800-748-7400 during normal work day hours. From 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. weekdays and on the weekends, the number to call is (877) 233-2441 Access Code S6515. The access code will identify you with KSU.

Vehicles may be left in an airport storage lot when travel by air is required. The minimum daily charge will be used for days the vehicle is not used.

.060 Parking for and Return of State-Owned or Leased Motor Vehicles

A state-owned or leased motor vehicle assigned on a trip or daily basis shall be returned to the proper motor pool as soon as the state business for which the vehicle was used is completed. Any state car parked at a driver's domicile shall be kept in a garage or driveway, if available. No expense for parking a state-owned or leased motor vehicle at an employee's domicile shall be allowed or paid. Expenses for parking a motor vehicle at the employee's official station or at a duty post shall be reimbursed to the employee by the agency in accordance with established procedures governing, reporting, and claiming reimbursement for such travel expenses. On official travel, a state vehicle shall be kept in a hotel or motel parking lot, if available, however, parking on the streets will be permitted when not in violation of a local ordinance. Valet parking is not an allowable travel expense.

.070 Insurance and Accident Reporting

The insurance and accident reporting for state-owned motor vehicles is explained in PPM Chapter 3040, Insurance for Self-Propelled Vehicles.

.090 Questions

Questions concerning these policies and procedures are to be referred to the Associate Vice President for Facilities at 532-5967.