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Van Policy on Usage of 15-Passenger Vans

Chapter 6450
Issued August 24, 2001

Table of Contents

.010 Preamble
.020 Policy Statement
.050 Questions Relating to Van Policy

.010 Preamble

It is recognized that a 15-passenger van will often be the most effective means of transportation for certain activities and events involving University employees and/or students. This policy statement is intended to implement uniform standards of usage in an effort to maximize the safety of those utilizing the van.

.020 Policy Statement

  1. All van usage must be in compliance with applicable municipal, state, and federal requirements.

  2. Van drivers must be employees or authorized agents of the University or its affiliated corporations as specified in KSU Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3040.030.

  3. Van drivers must complete the Division of Facilities’ training program on van driving and safety.

  4. No van will be used to transport or carry more than twelve passengers (including the driver) at any one time. An exception is granted to allow a maximum of 15 passengers for on-campus use and for trips of less than ten miles from the Manhattan main campus or Salina campus provided that vehicle speed is kept below 60 miles per hour.

  5. All occupants of the van must use a seat belt at all times of operation.

  6. Drivers must not drive for more than ten hours in any twenty-four hour period. The van driver must take a mandatory thirty-minute rest break every four hours.

  7. No luggage or objects may be carried on the roof of the van. There is no requirement to remove seats in the van.

  8. The van driver will be personally responsible for any and all traffic or parking citations, tickets, or fines.

  9. No usage of a cell phone by the driver is permitted while operating the van.

  10. This policy is applicable to the usage of all vans, whether owned, rented, or leased by the University.

.050 Questions Relating to Van Policy

Questions should be directed to University Facilities at 785-532-6373.