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University Keys

Chapter 7820
Revised February 25, 2008

Table of Contents

.010 Purpose
.020 Obtaining a Key
.030 Lost Keys
.040 Returning University Keys
.050 Hours of Operation
.060 Questions
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.120 Key Control and Distribution Authorization Form

.010 Purpose

This procedure is to establish the responsibility, eligibility, and approval to carry Kansas State University keys. University keys are the property of Kansas State University and the Division of Facilities. The Associate Vice President for Facilities is directly responsible for all unassigned space and general use space. Each department head or other designated administrator is responsible for the security of their assigned space. Department heads are requested to carefully consider all requests for keys so that the security and protection of University buildings and property are maintained. Eligibility to obtain a key is determined by the appropriate department head or administrator to whom the space is assigned. Issuing of keys requires the approval of the department head or other designated administrator. In some cases the Associate Vice President for Facilities must also approve the issue of keys. This policy establishes the responsibility and sets requirements for eligibility and approval to carry Kansas State University keys.

.020 Obtaining a Key

The following procedures are required to obtain a key:

  1. KSU Key Request forms are available to department offices from Facilities Key Control and Distribution. Only one key may be requested per card. Every key request should be made in the name of the person directly responsible for the key. NO person shall be issued multiple keys for the same area.

  2. Department heads are required to sign all Key Request forms for their assigned space. Stamped signatures are unacceptable.

  3. A department head may authorize someone other than himself/herself to approve key requests. This authorization must be in writing on a Key Control and Distribution Authorization form, or on department stationery with the department head's original signature and the signature of the person being authorized as it will appear on the Key Request form, and must be on file with Facilities Key Control and Distribution. This authorization must be renewed at any time the department head or other designated authorization changes.

  4. The KSU Key Request form must be completely filled out, TYPED OR CLEARLY PRINTED, with all requested information, and properly signed before key will be issued. Key Request forms not completely filled out and properly signed or not legible will be returned to the department.

  5. Twenty-four hour notice is required when submitting the request. If request is submitted by campus mail, the 24 hours begins when Facilities receives it. University keys are never mailed.

  6. A Kansas State University Identification Card must be presented when picking up the key. If someone other than the requestor is picking up the key, an authorization on a Key Control and Distribution Authorization form or on department letterhead with approved signatures identifying both parties by name is required in order to receive the key. The receiver of the key must present their Kansas State University ID. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS PORTION OF THE PROCEDURE.

  7. Building master keys are not available for issue.

.030 Lost Keys

To REPORT lost or stolen keys, a Key Control and Distribution Authorization form (Lost Keys section) must be completed, signed by the department head or authorized signature, and given to Facilities Key Control and Distribution.

To REPLACE lost or stolen keys, a Key Control and Distribution Authorization form (Lost Keys section) must be completed. Each replacement key must be requested on the KSU Key Request form (one form per key) and must state it is a request for a replacement key. A replacement fee of $10.00 plus sales tax is charged. The department or the person may pay this fee, but the key will not be reissued until the fee is paid. Depending on the situation, additional expense may be incurred. If the keys are found and returned within ten calendar days, the replacement fee will be refunded.

.040 Returning University Keys

All keys must be returned to Facilities Key Control and Distribution when the need no longer exists for them. Keys must be returned when the holder terminates association with the University. Student records will be attached for those students who leave the University without returning their University keys. KEYS SHOULD NOT BE PASSED FROM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER WITHOUT COMPLETION OF PROPER REQUESTS.

.050 Hours of Operation

Keys may be picked up between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Key requests submitted after 3:30 p.m. will not be ready for issue until after 9 a.m. the second work day.

.060 Questions

Questions regarding this chapter may be referred to the Support Services Manager at 532-1718 or Key Control and Distribution Specialist at 532-1710, in 002 Power Plant (1100 N Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Manhattan, KS 66506).