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Official Hospitality

Chapter 3050
Revised July 6, 2015

Table of Contents

.010 General
.020 Responsibilities
.030 Procedures
.040 Requesting Official Hospitality
.050 Questions

.010 General

The legislature has authorized the use of general use funds for official hospitality. The Department of Administration has issued administrative procedures for official hospitality expenditures, which all agencies must abide by. Official hospitality expenditures assist an agency in fulfilling an objective or goal which bears a valid relationship to the powers and functions of the State Agency. Please be aware of the rules regarding acceptance of meals and gifts by State employees and information continued in PPM Chapter 4812.

.020 Responsibilities

The authorized administrative unit for each campus division is responsible for approving official hospitality expenditures and for administering the following University policies and procedures:

1. Prior to incurring official hospitality expenditures, a written request must be submitted to the appropriate authority for approval.

2. Requests for official hospitality may be submitted for prospective department heads, prospective senior faculty members, dignitaries, accreditation or other review committees and other officials of similar natures, as well as for students and prospective students.

3. Requests must show the official hospitality expenditures will assist the University in fulfilling an objective or goal, which bears a valid relationship to the powers and functions of the University.

4. Kansas State University personnel may be included in the request but the number should be restricted to those absolutely necessary to complement the purpose of the visit.

5. Expenditures for official hospitality are limited to meals, official gifts and favors, and official entertainment provided for an official function.

.030 Procedures

Official hospitality must be paid out of specific Financial Information System (FIS) sources, which have been budgeted exclusively for official hospitality.





01Manhattan Campus


0003Chief Financial Officer and Director of Budget Planning
 Housing & Dining51634500Director of Housing and Dining
 K-State Salina10000003Dean of K-State Salina
02Veterinary Medicine10005003Dean of Veterinary Medicine
04ESARP10001003Dean of Agriculture

Appropriate written authorization must be obtained PRIOR to incurring the expense. Requests must contain the name or description of the group, the number of official guests, the nature and objective of the official visit, details of expenditures and charges, and a statement that " No State employees receiving meals under this policy are claiming subsistence." The Request for Official Hospitality form must be attached to the payment voucher.

**The noted funding sources may change due to annual legislative actions. After the event or visit, an Agency Purchase Voucher (APV) listing the names of all guests in attendance and the purpose of the official visit or function, along with receipts and a copy of the authorization form, are to be submitted to the appropriate authority for final approval. The APV and attachments should then be forwarded to the General Accounting section of the Division of Financial Services for further processing.

.040 Requesting Official Hospitality

Take me to the forms to complete the Request for Official Hospitality.

.050 Questions

Any questions related to these regulations should be referred to the KSU General Accounting Office, (785) 532-6202.