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Sales, Solicitation and Advertising Policy

Chapter 8580
Issued May 27, 2009
Updated Aug. 1, 2018

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Sales and Solicitation
.030 Advertising
.040 Questions

.010 Introduction

Facilities of Kansas State University are primarily for University purposes of instruction, research, and public service; they are not available for unrestricted use by non-university groups. The regulation of commercial activity and the posting and distribution of advertising materials on the campus is necessary so that it does not interfere with the academic mission of the University, and so that income gained from activities held on campus benefits the University.

.020 Sales and Solicitation

  1. No solicitation of credit card applications will take place on campus during the week before or the two weeks following the beginning day of each semester. Solicitation of credit card applications is also prohibited the week prior to the last day of each semester.

  2. University-affiliated, state-owned property may not be used for commercial sales or solicitation except:

    1. In conjunction with or sponsored by a student organization registered through Student Programs and Involvement, in accordance with University regulations.

    2. Individual students in their residence hall rooms who have the approval of their hall governing board or the Association of Residence Halls.

    3. Individual students limited to special events only, in the area between Seaton Hall and the K-State Student Union, in the quadrangle north of Hale Library, and in the quadrangle east of Calvin Hall, in accordance with University regulations.

    4. Business-type activities when such activities are conducted by a department, which are related to the research and/or educational objectives of the institution, and income remains within the institution.

  3. All solicitors falling under the above guidelines shall adhere to the following:

    1. Educational material approved by Student Programs and Involvement must be provided to each person that completes a credit card application.

    2. A no harassment policy shall be observed. Harassment shall be defined as continued solicitation of goods and/or services by a solicitor to a solicitee beyond the initial verbal refusal on the part of the solicitee. Solicitors shall not physically obstruct solicitees.

.030 Advertising

  1. University-affiliated, state-owned property may not be used for commercial advertising except in conjunction with or when sponsored by a registered student organization or University department, provided that the organization or department is clearly identified as the sponsor. The University does not lend its name to the advertisement and/or endorsement of commercial enterprises or products.

  2. All advertising falling under the above guidelines shall conform to the following:

    1. Advertising shall reveal all significant facts, the concealment of which would mislead the public.

    2. Advertising shall avoid the use of exaggerated or unprovable claims or testimonials. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide proof of claims upon request.

    3. Advertising shall be free of statements, illustrations, or implications which are libelous or obscene.

    4. Advertising shall offer only merchandise or services that are readily available for purchase at the advertised price.

    5. Advertising of guarantees and warranties shall be explicit, including nature and extent of the guarantee or warranty and the identity and responsibility of the guarantor or warrantor.

  3. Activities advertised by Independent Student Organizations registered with Student Programs and Involvement do not constitute or imply official endorsement by the University. Only registered student organizations designated as Departmental Student Organizations (DSOs) may utilize the University logo or seal and should contact the University Publications Director, University Publications, 5 Anderson Hall, for assistance.

.040 Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Student Programs and Involvement, 114 K-State Student Union, 532-6541.