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Use of University Marks

Chapter 3330

Issued March 7, 2022

Table of Contents

.010 Commercial Use of University Marks Prohibited
.020 Political Activities

.030 Licensed Use of University Marks
.040 Photo and Video Policy
.050 Questions

.010 Commercial Use of University Marks Prohibited

Kansas State University does not lend its name, campus names, or any of its trademarks, service marks, logos, insignia, seals, graphics, music, sounds, images, mascots, photographs, video assets, landmarks, or buildings/grounds, collectively “marks,” to the advertisement and/or endorsement of commercial enterprises or products. Advertising that displays, lists or infers the university as a user of or the supporter/endorser of any product or service, or as the source of research information on which a commercial product, program or publication is based, is prohibited.

Unauthorized use of the university's marks will be investigated, and the restrictions set forth in this policy will be enforced by all reasonable and legal means.

.020 Political Activities

Political advertisements/communications shall not imply endorsement nor support by the university. The university’s marks (as defined above) shall not be used in any political advertisement or communication. In keeping with the Kansas Board of Regents’ policy on political use of campus facilities, photographs and videos which use the university’s marks shall not be used in advertising/communications that promote candidates or parties.

Political activities on university property are governed by multiple authorities, including Kansas state law (K.S.A. 25-2430K.S.A. 75-2953, and K.S.A. 25-4169a), Kansas Board of Regents policies (Chapter 13 and Chapter 16) and university policies (PPM 78107840853085608570 and 8580).

.030 Licensed Use of University Marks

All commercial use of university marks (as defined above), including the manufacture and distribution of all commercial and consumer products (e.g., clothing, souvenir items, gifts, printed matter, and other emblematic merchandise), or services, bearing the university marks, is permitted only by license or authorization from the Director of Trademark Licensing. All such licensed or authorized products must be distributed through university stores or by authorized licensees of the university.

.040 Photo and Video Policy

  1. Images of university-affiliated and/or university state-owned property may not be used for commercial advertising except in conjunction with or when sponsored by a registered student organization or university department, provided that the organization or department is clearly identified as the sponsor. Other commercial video, audio and still photography on university-affiliated and/or university state-owned property is prohibited without the written consent of the Vice President for Communications and Marketing.
  2. Operating unmanned aircraft systems (aka drones) is not allowed on university-affiliated and/or university state-owned property or at any university-sponsored event for any purpose, including to obtain photos or videos, unless approval is obtained in advance in accordance with PPM Chapter 7860 Unmanned Aircraft Policy.
  3. News Media Requests. News media photography and videography is generally permitted in public areas on university campuses, and special permission is not typically required. Please refer to Photo and Video Guidelines at Kansas State University for details about news media photography and videography.
  4. Commercial Use Exception Requests. Approval of an exception to this policy may be granted only in writing by the Vice President for Communications and Marketing when deemed in the best interests of the university.
  5. Exception Requests. All requests for an exception to this policy or for commercial use of university images should be directed in writing to:

Division of Communications and Marketing
Kansas State University
128 Dole Hall
1525 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506
vpcm@k-state.edu (email)
785-532-7355 (facsimile)

.050 Questions

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at 785-532-2535.