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Signs and Naming Buildings and Facilities

Chapter 7835
Revised September 14, 2018

Table of Contents

.010 Signage
.020 Naming a Building, Portion of a Building or an Outdoor Area
.030 Questions

.010 Signage

The Kansas State sign system is designed to comply with all applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations. All new signage shall comply with the guidelines set forth in this chapter. To accomplish consistency, all signage that does not currently conform to the signage guidelines shall, as new construction, space renovations, and open space improvements occur, be progressively replaced with new compliance signage or modified to be compliant.

The KSU signage guidelines will be administered by the Facilities Planning and Project Management department. All signage requests shall be submitted through the Facilities customer service desk via a work order request.

Reference the KSU Campus Planning & Project Management Signage and Wayfinding Guidelines on the Planning, Project and Space Management website.

.020 Naming a Building, Portion of a Building or an Outdoor Area

Naming of university buildings or facilities must comply with Kansas Board of Regents Policy Chapter II, Section E.12 Naming of Buildings.


Guidelines for submitting all forms of naming proposals are as follows:

Naming Criteria

  1. Any legally identifiable unit, person, company or organization is an appropriate consideration for the naming of a building or project.
  2. Other names related to the heritage of Kansas State University may also be considered.
  3. Non-Monetary Contributions: University buildings/features are named for distinguished individuals who have made extraordinary contributions of a scholarly, professional, or public service nature related to the university’s mission. These contributions do not have to include a financial commitment.
  4. Private Contributions/Donations: Reference the KSU Foundation Naming Policy (7/1/2012).


  1. Naming proposals must receive endorsement by the Dean, Foundation President/CEO or appropriate cabinet member.
  2. Proposals should include a letter that states the proposed name and explanation of the contribution.
  3. Proposals should be forwarded to the appropriate cabinet member.
  4. The appropriate cabinet member will present the proposal request to President’s Cabinet for review and recommendation.
  5. The requestor will then be notified of the President’s decision.
  6. If the request requires approval of the Board of Regents and the President supports the request, it will be forwarded by the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance to the Board for review and action.
  7. The Vice President for Administration and Finance will notify the requestor of the Board’s decision.

Duration and Modification of Naming or Recognition: Reference the KSU Foundation Naming Policy (7/1/2012).

Name Recognition Signage Guidelines

  1. Signage related to private donations or donor recognition will be developed in coordination with the KSU Foundation and with the Division of Facilities Campus Planning and Project Management Department. Final approval of the donor signage including name, design specifications and location must be approved by the KSU Foundation CEO. -KSU Foundation Naming Policy (7/1/2012)

  2. Guidelines for design and placement of name recognition are as follows:

a. Building Identification Sign
In accordance with the Master Plan Signage and Wayfinding guidelines the building identification sign will be constructed of a smooth cut limestone slab with a slab style base. Signs should be placed a minimum of 3’-0” clear from pathways and be placed at all primary entrances to buildings.

b. Room or Interior Space Sign
Interior name recognition signage shall be integrated with the interior room sign system of the building when applicable. All interior name recognition signs should be coordinated with Facilities Department of Planning & Project Management.

c. Outdoor Area Sign
Naming recognition signage related to an exterior element or space should blend into the overall physical environment. The signage will not be exhibited on the external building walls; the name will be located as close as possible to the funded feature, object, or space.

For additional information regarding signage guidelines reference the KSU Campus Planning and Project Management Signage and Wayfinding Guidelines on the Planning, Project and Space Management website.

.030 Questions

Questions regarding this chapter may be referred to the Facilities Service Desk at 532-6389.