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Questions relating to the information in each chapter of the Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to the office issuing the chapter.

That information is usually located at the end of each chapter.

For policy update questions, please contact policy@ksu.edu.

General Policies and Procedures

3010 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence, Domestic and Dating Violence, and Stalking, and Procedure for Reviewing Complaints

3013 Anti-Trafficking Policy

3015 Threat Management Policy

3020 Policy on Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research

3030 Reporting Losses

3035 Inclement Weather General Policy and Procedure

3040 Insurance for Self Propelled Vehicles

3045 Official Bulletin Boards

3050 Official Hospitality

3053 Alcohol Cereal Malt Beverage

3055 Lafene Health Center

3060 Kansas Open Records Act

3070 University Contracts

3080 Debt Managment

3090 Retention of Records

3110 Clery Act Designation and Reporting Policy

3210 Internal Controls

3230 Reporting Fraud

3250 Internal Audit Services

3260 External Audits

3270 Audit of University Affiliated Organizations

3310 Telecommunications

3320 Division of Communications and Marketing

3350 Advertising Policy