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Wireless Local Area Network Policy

Chapter 3480
Revised/Reviewed: September 2, 2010, June 29, 2021, August 9, 2022

Table of Contents

.010 Purpose
.020 Scope
.030 Policy
.040 Implementing Procedures
.050 Definitions
.060 Sanctions
.070 Questions

.010 Purpose

The Division of Information Technology (IT) is charged with the responsibility of managing the infrastructure of the Kansas State University data network. To carry out this responsibility, IT manages Kansas State’s network infrastructure, including wireless networking.   Specifically, the policy:

  • Guides the deployment of all K-State wireless networks to ensure reliable, compatible, and secure operation. 
  • Protects the security of K-State's information resources and electronic communications. 
  • Arbitrates possible interference in the FCC unlicensed radio frequency spectrum used by wireless devices. 

.020 Scope

This policy applies to all uses of wireless networking technologies at all physical locations on the Manhattan,  Olathe  and  Salina  campuses of Kansas State University, both inside buildings and in outdoor areas, including student residence halls. Exceptions may only be granted by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The policy  does not apply to cellular wireless technology.

.030 Policy

The Division of Information Technology will be the sole provider for the design, specification, installation, operation, maintenance, and management services of the University’s wireless network. In addition, the Division of Information Technology is responsible for the acceptable use and security of the wireless  network. The installation and use of unauthorized wireless network technologies is prohibited. The Chief Information Officer has the authority to require cessation of unauthorized use of wireless devices. 

.040 Implementing Procedures

  • Wireless network access will be provided by the Division of Information Technology in conjunction with appropriate local network support staff and meet all state and federal regulations.
  • Only University students, employees, and authorized visitors may use the K-State wireless network; exceptions must be authorized by the CIO or designee.
  • All university wireless networking must be configured according to security standards established by the Division of Information Technology and meet state and federal regulations.
  • The Chief Information Security Officer  will be responsible for managing the security of the K-State wireless network. All wireless networking communications must be encrypted.
  • All wireless devices using the K-State network must be registered with  the Division of Information Technology. 
  • Before units purchase IoT (Internet of things), the Division of Information Technology needs to be consulted to ensure accommodation on the wireless network.
  • Devices that interfere with the University's use of these spectra are not permitted.
  • The Division of Information Technology will review specific needs of faculty and staff that request wireless technologies for teaching, research, or service and will accommodate when reasonably possible.

.050 Definition

Internet of things (IoT)
A system of interrelated, interconnected objects that have the ability to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention.

.060 Sanctions

Failure or refusal to comply with this policy may result in discipline up to and including dismissal.

.070 Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be sent to the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO).