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Insurance for Self-Propelled Vehicles

Chapter 3040

Revised August 3, 2016; March 25, 2021

Table of Contents

.010 Insurance Company and Policy Number
.020 Claims Office Representing the Insurance Company
.030 Insurance Coverages
.040 Reporting Accidents
.050 Repairs When the Other Driver is Liable
.060 Repairs When the University Driver is Liable
.070 Payment for Vehicle Liability Insurance
.080 Personal Liability of KSU Employees for Damages to State Vehicles
.090 Questions

.010  Insurance Company and Policy Number

Insurance for state vehicles is provided by the Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance Company, Policy Number 02APM017724-04. The agent for this insurance is Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. 9442 Capital of Texas Hwy. North, Suite 950, Austin, Texas 78759.

.020  Claims Office Representing the Insurance Company

All claims should be reported to the following:

Company Name:  Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
Address:             221 West 6th ST., Suite 1980
                          Austin, TX 78701
Telephone No.:    855-497-0678 
Fax No.:             1-225-292-3933
Contact:             Cheryl Kelley
Email:                SEclaims@ajg.com

Persons making these calls should immediately identify themselves as state employees to facilitate proper claim handling.

.030  Insurance Coverages

The state insurance policy provides the following coverage for all state owned self-propelled vehicles, such as cars; station wagons; buses; trucks; trailers; graders; utility vehicles (gators); tractors; scooters; motorcycles; mowers; forklifts; farm equipment and other self-propelled equipment.

  1. Liability for Personal Injury:  Amount of injury not to exceed $500,000 per accident.
  2. Liability for Property Damage:  Amount not to exceed $100,000 per accident.
  3. Medical Expenses:  Amount of medical expenses not to exceed $5,000 per person.
  4. Injury Caused by Uninsured Motorist:  Amount of injury not to exceed $25,000 per person per accident.  Covers only cars, station wagons, buses, pickup trucks, heavy-duty trucks and certain other vehicles (Does not cover trailers, Groups 7, 8, 9, & 10.)

Limits of liability should be discussed only with KSU employees.

The insurance provides protection and benefits to the State of Kansas, Board of Regents, and its officers, agents, and employees when they are officially operating motor vehicles, owned, operated, maintained or controlled by the State of Kansas, Board of Regents, and for persons while riding in, entering or alighting from such vehicles.

Insurance protection covers vehicles used in the United States of America, its territories or possessions.

.040  Reporting Accidents

Accidents involving University and privately owned vehicles used for official state business are to be reported as follows: (Reports for private vehicles are necessary because the state insurance may partially apply in some cases depending upon the circumstances.)

  1. By the driver by:      
    1. Immediately telephoning or otherwise notifying the appropriate law enforcing office as follows:
      a.   Accidents on Campus - notify KSU Police Department.
      b.   Accidents outside of the Campus - notify appropriate officials such as City Police, County Sheriff, Highway Patrol, etc., and
    2. Immediately telephoning the claim office listed in PPM 3040.020 when an accident causes a serious personal injury, death or disabled vehicles, and
    3. Signing and submitting a completed "Automobile Accident Report" form to the Department Head, immediately following the accident.  This form is required for all accidents. Copies of this form may be obtained from the K-State Risk & Compliance website.
    4. Signing and submitting a completed "Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report" form within 10 days of any accident in Kansas.  These Kansas forms and instructions will be furnished by the patrolman investigating the accident.  For all out-of-state accidents, use the instructions and forms provided by the patrolman investigating the accident.

   B. By the Department Head by:

    1. Reporting all accidents to their Dean's Office immediately, and
    2. Forwarding the signed original of the "Automobile Accident Report" form to the Risk & Compliance Office (retain a photocopy).  This form is available on the K-State Risk & Compliance website.

.050  Repairs When the Other Driver is Liable

When there is a possibility that the other party is liable, the department head should arrange for the other party or his/her insurance company to pay for the cost of repairs to the state vehicle.

.060  Repairs When the University Driver is Liable

When the University driver is at fault, it is suggested that cost proposals for repairs of the state vehicle be obtained on the vendors' own estimate form. Upon receipt of the estimates, the department may order the repairs from the lowest bidder meeting all requirements.  Payment will be made on an A.P.V. with the invoice attached.

.070 Payment for Vehicle Liability Insurance

As yearly premiums for this insurance become due, departments are notified by the Risk and Compliance Office as to how the payment is to be made. The cost to each department depends upon the number and type of vehicles they own.

.080 Personal Liability of KSU Employees for Damages to State Vehicles

The policy of the University concerning the personal responsibility of state employees for damages to state vehicles which they are driving while on official state business is not to seek indemnification from the employee for damages to a state vehicle incurred as a result of that employee's use of the state vehicle for official state business. The only exception to that policy would be cases where the employee was driving the vehicle on other than official state business or where the damage was caused by the employee's gross negligence. "Gross negligence" is generally defined as conduct indicating a reckless disregard and complete indifference for the possible consequences of the person's actions. One such example would be driving under the influence.

An University employee whose ordinary negligence led to damages to a state vehicle will not be held personally responsible for damages to a state vehicle.

However, when University employees use the KSU Central Motor Pool vehicles, the department will be asked to pay for insurance to cover the damages over normal wear and tear or if they do not desire to pay the insurance premium the employee's department will be responsible to absorb the cost of any state vehicle damaged beyond normal wear and tear during a trip by that department's employee.

.090 Questions

Any questions related to vehicle liability insurance should be referred to the Risk & Compliance Office at (785) 532-6233.