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Reporting Losses

Chapter 3030
Revised April 24, 2013

Table of Contents

.010 Instructing Staff Members
.020 Reporting Losses
.030 Questions

.010 Instructing Staff Members

The Department Head shall instruct their staff members, at least annually, to report all suspected losses to them immediately, so the loss may be reported promptly.

.020 Reporting Losses

Every suspected loss of University money, securities, supplies or property, regardless how the loss occurred, will be reported immediately by telephone to the KSU Police, or the local law enforcement agency if the loss occurred off campus.

The Department Head will make this initial telephone report and will confirm the telephone report promptly with a letter to the Internal Auditor, the appropriate Vice President or Dean, and the KSU Police. The letter shall provide the following information:

  • a complete description of the item(s) lost,
  • the University's property number,
  • the manufacturer's model and serial numbers,
  • the estimated dollar value of the loss,
  • the circumstances connected with the loss,
  • and the actions taken to investigate and recover the loss.

For all property losses, a Disposition of Property form, a copy of the letter, and a copy of the police report shall be retained by the department for internal audit purposes.  In order to remove property losses from the University fixed asset system (items with a cost equal to or greater than $5,000), the department shall submit the original of the Disposition of Property form to the Division of Financial Services, with a copy of the police report attached.

.030 Questions

Questions regarding property losses should be referred to the Division of Financial Services, Financial Reporting and Asset Management, at (785) 532-6525. Questions regarding all other losses should be referred to Internal Audit, at (785) 532-7308.