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Employee Furlough

Chapter 4085
Issued May 1, 2009 Revised July 22, 2014,  July 16, 2016 and September 7, 2016

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Policy
.030 Questions

.010 Introduction

In times of extraordinary budget reduction it may become necessary to implement a short-term employee furlough in order to preserve the financial well being of Kansas State University.

.020 Employee Furlough Policy

It is the policy of Kansas State University to implement an employee furlough, after reasonable alternatives have been exhausted; ensuring maintenance of the University's mission and the quality of its programs. Furloughs will be implemented in a fair manner that is sensitive to the mission of the University and the needs of its faculty, staff and students.

A furlough is the placement of an employee in a temporary leave without pay status for a specified number of hours or days within a specified time frame. A furlough is not a layoff or reduction in workforce and may be used to avoid or delay such action. There are two types of furloughs.

(1) An administrative furlough is a planned action designed to address budget reductions necessitated by reasons other than a lapse in appropriations.

(2) An emergency furlough occurs if there is an immediate or imminent lack of funding to continue operations or any emergency that results in an unanticipated interruption of funding to the University.

The decision to implement an administrative furlough will be made by the President of Kansas State University after consultation with both the Faculty Senate and University Support Staff Senate. To implement an administrative furlough, the President will call an open meeting of the university community to explain the need for such action. The furlough announcement will include details of the furlough plan. Employees will be given as much advance notice as possible but not less than 30 calendar days prior to implementation of the furlough of an administrative furlough.

The decision to implement an emergency furlough will be made by the President of Kansas State University and that decision will be communicated to the university community as soon as practical, in an effort to provide adequate planning and execution time in accordance with established guidelines. Some employees may be exempted from an emergency furlough due to their duties and responsibilities with regards to public safety, teaching, research, extension, and student, patient and animal care, or as otherwise determined by the President.

.030 Questions

Human Capital Services (HCS) is responsible for this policy. The Vice President or designee must approve any exception to this policy or related procedures. Questions should be directed to Human Capital Services at 785-532-6277 or hr@ksu.edu.