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Questions relating to the information in each chapter of the Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to the office issuing the chapter.

That information is usually located at the end of each chapter.

For policy update questions, please contact policy@ksu.edu.

Table of Contents 

Section/Chapter - Chapter Name

1000 Introduction
1010 Welcome
1020 Table of Contents
1090 Adding Chapters to the Policies Procedures Manual
2000 Organizational Charts (proposed)
3000 General Policies and Procedures
3010 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment, and Procedure for Reviewing Complaints
3013 Anti-Trafficking Policy
3015 Threat Management Policy
3020 Policy on Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research
3025 Course Accessibility Standards Policy
3030 Reporting Losses
3035 Inclement Weather General Policy and Procedure
3040 Insurance for Self Propelled Vehicles
3045 Official Bulletin Boards
3050 Official Hospitality
3053 Alcohol Cereal Malt Beverage
3055 Lafene Health Center
3060 Kansas Open Records Act
3070 University Contracts
3075 Electronic Signatures
3080 Debt Management
3090 Retention of Records
3095 Contacts with Federal and State Government Officials and Agencies
3100 Clery Act Federal Compliance
3110 Clery Act Designation and Reporting Policy
3200 Internal Controls and Auditing
3210 Internal Controls
3230 Reporting Fraud
3250 Internal Audit Services
3260 External Audits
3270 Audit of University Affiliated Organizations
3300 Communications and Publications
3310 Telecommunications
3320 Division of Communications and Marketing
3350 Advertising Policy
3400 Computing and Information Technology
3405 Computing and Information Technology General Policies & Procedures (proposed)
3415 Information Security Plan
3420 Information Technology Usage Policy
3430 Security for Information, Computing and Network Resources
3431 Access Controls Security Policy
3432 Operations and Management Security Policy
3433 Data Classification and Security Policy
3434 IT Security Incident Reporting and Response Policy
3435 Access Authorization to University Digital Data and System Policy
3436 Media Sanitization and Disposal Policy
3437 Memorandum of Agreement for Information Access
3438 Physical and Environmental Security Policy
3439 System Development and Maintenance Security Policy
3440 Internet and World Wide Web Page Policy
3450 K-State eID Policy
3455 Electronic Mail Policy
3460 Offical Electronic Correspondence with Faculty, Staff and Students
3470 Technologically Enhanced Classrooms
3475 Video Conferencing Policy
3480 Wireless Local Area Network Policy
3490 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing Policy
3495 Collection, Use and Protection of Social Security Numbers
3700 Public Safety
3710 Handling Terroristic Threats
3720 General Safety Policies
3730 Laboratory Safety
3740 Environmental Health and Safety Committees
3745 Hazardous Waste Management Committees
3750 Fire and Life Safety Policy
3760 Police Activities (proposed)
3770 University Weapons Policy
3780 Parking Procedures (proposed)
3790 Disc Golf Play
3800 University Budget Procedures
3810 Annual Budget Preparation (proposed)
3820 Budget Procedures (proposed)
3900 Continuing Education
3910 Academic Extension
3930 Conferences and Off-Campus Courses
4000 Employment General Policies and Procedures
4010 Employment Verifications and References
4015 Criminal Background Checks
4020 Disciplinary Action Procedures for University Support Staff
4025 Attendance Guidelines for University Support Staff
4030 University Support Staff Peer Review Committee Hearing Process
4035 Disciplinary Action Appeals Board for University Support Staff
4040 Reassignment of University Support Staff
4045 Telecommuting
4050 Workers Compensation Return to Work Program (Eliminated)
4060 Workplace Violence (retitled 3015 Threat Management Policy)
4065 Layoff Policy
4075 Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers
4080 Performance Management Process
4085 Employee Furlough
4090 Conflict of Interest Policy Applicable only to Public Health Service (PHS)-Supported Investigators and their Staff (pdf)
4094 Consensual Romantic Relationships Involving Students
4095 Nepotism and Employee Relationships
4096 Social Media Policy Procedures
4100 Affirmative Action Plan (proposed)
4200 Wage and Classification Procedures
4210 Position Management, Funding and other changes for University Support Staff Positions
4220 Hours of Work, Overtime,Overtime Pay and Compensatory Time
4400 University Support Staff Employment Procedures
4410 Recruitment and Selection for University Support Staff
4450 Compensation for University Support Staff
4460 University Support Staff Employee Personnel Actions
4600 Faculty/Unclassified Positions and Employment Procedures
4610 Recruitment and Selection (proposed)
4620 Part-time Appointments (proposed)
4630 Temporary Appointments (proposed)
4640 Terms and Conditions of Employment (proposed)
4650 Unclassified Employee Personnel Actions
 4660 Out-Of Office Availability Requirement 
4700 Student Employment
4710 Graduate Student Employees (proposed)
4720 Hourly Student Employees
4800 Employee Benefits
4810 Retirement Plans, Policies and Procedures
4812 Retirement Recognition Gift Policy
4820 Insurance Programs
4830 Identification Cards (ELIMINATED)
4835 Graduate Research Assistants and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
4840 United States Savings Bonds Program REVOKED
4845 Graduate Teaching Assistants and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
4850 Employee Assistance Program
4860 Employee Leaves, Holidays, and Other Absences for Employees of Kansas State University
4870 Tuition Assistance for University Employees
4880 Training and Development
4890 Employee Suggestion Program
4900 Payroll Procedures
4910 Payroll Deductions (ELIMINATED)
4940 Paycheck Distribution (ELIMINATED)
4950 Clearance Procedures at Separation
6000 General Accounting Procedures
6030 Financial Information System
6080 Sale of Products and Services
6085 Schedule of Charges
6100 Cash Receipts Procedures
6110 Receipts and Deposits
6115 Credit Card Processing
6120 Change Funds Procedures
6130 Kansas Sales Tax
6140 Organizational Safekeeping Accounts
6200 Accounts Receivable
6210 Accounts Receivable
6300 Purchasing and Payment Procedures
6310 Purchasing Procedures
6312 Contract Items
6320 Document Completion Procedures
          6330 Cellular Devices for Business Purposes
6400 Travel
6410 Reimbursable Travel Expenses and Forms
6420 State owned vehicle Usage
6430 University Motor Pool
6450 Van Policy on Usage of 15 - Passenger Vans
6500 Property Inventory
6510 Property Inventory
7000 Sponsored Research Projects
7010 Pre-Awards
7050 Post Award Procedures
7055 Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects Accounts
7070 Cost Sharing
7080 Effort Reporting
7090 Research Foundation
7095 Intellectual Property
7800 Division of Facilities
7810 Division of Facilities
7820 University Keys
7825 Central Mail Service
7830 Facilities Planning
7835 Signs and Naming Buildings and Facilities
7840 Use of KSU Buildings and Grounds
7850 Space Assignment/Reassignment
8000 Alumni Procedures
8100 Alumni Association
8200 KSU Foundation
8210 Foundation Funds - General Information
8500 Student Life
8530 Student Organizations On-Campus Event Policy
8560 OSAS Political Activities and Guidelines
8570 OSAS Publicity Regulations
8580 OSAS Sales, Solicitation and Advertising Policy
8590 Violent Game Policy