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Out-Of Office Availability Requirement

Chapter 4660
Revised June 20, 2014, July 23, 2014 and October 12, 2016

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Policy
.030 Additional Considerations
.040 Questions

.010 Introduction

This policy provides guidance to the University community regarding situations when the university must be in frequent, regular contact with an individual when they are not in their office; and, when such availability cannot be reasonably managed with devices that are owned by the university. The policy and guidelines have been developed to ensure compliance with State of Kansas policies and IRS policies.

.020 Policy

In the event that an unclassified, overtime exempt employee must be available for university business when outside of his or her university office, the following procedure is available:

Where the University (appropriate dean orvice president) determines that an unclassified, exempt employee (typically director level or above) is required to be regularly available after typical business hours and/or when not in his or her office, and such availability cannot be reasonably managed through the use of university owned devices, a maximum amount of $100 may be added to the employee's monthly pay and by adding the following clause to the employee's contract:

“Your annual base salary includes an amount sufficient to compensate you to be available by telephone or email after typical business hours and when away from office or University business.  The receipt of this amount in your base salary precludes you from receiving a mobile phone and/or data coverage plan paid for from university funds.”

With the additional pay, employees must take steps to be available by telephone or email after typical business hours. Failure to be available may result in the discontinuation of this pay supplement.

The appropriate dean or vice-president may discontinue an employee's pay supplement at any time.

.030 Additional Considerations

An employee who possesses a university funded cellular device for business purposes is not eligible for this pay supplement.

This pay supplement shall not be available to university support staff or employees that are non-exempt (eligible for overtime.)

.040 Questions

Human Capital Services (HCS) is responsible for this policy. The Vice President or designee must approve any exception to this policy or related procedures. Questions should be directed to Human Capital Services at 785-532-6277 or hr@ksu.edu.