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Advertising Policy

Chapter 3350
Issued March 30, 2011

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Policy
.030 Questions

.010 Introduction

The Kansas State University Division of Communications and Marketing is responsible for coordinating the advertising and marketing initiatives of the university. This policy covers the use of Kansas State University Restricted Use Funds and General Use Funds.

.020 Policy

  1. The use of general use and restricted use funds is permitted for the purchase of advertising if authorized by the President of the university or his designee and permitted by Board of Regents policy. The President's designees for this purpose are the Vice President for Communications and Marketing and the Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing.

  2. Media purchases and all advertising contracts should be coordinated through the Division of Communications and Marketing, with the exception of advertisements for: (1) musical, stage and athletic performances; (2) subjects for research projects; (3) student events paid from student activity fees; (4) agricultural and greenhouse products for sale; (5) used or surplus items for sale; (6) recruitment of personnel, provided that such advertisements conform to all requirements governing discrimination in recruitment, and (7) conferences organized through K-State Global Campus.

  3. Advertisements should be coordinated by the Division of Communications and Marketing to assure compliance with the university brand platform and messaging. Any use of the university name, marks, or logos must be approved by the University Licensing Office and the Division of Communications and Marketing.

  4. Advertising to show support for charitable organizations is not an appropriate advertising expense. Neither general use nor restricted use funds should be used in any manner which could be construed as a contribution to a charity or cause not directly associated with the University.

.030 Questions

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Division of Communications and Marketing , 128 Dole Hall, 532-2535.