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University Branding and Licensing

Chapter 3320

Issued March 7, 2022

Table of Contents

.010 Brand guide

.020 Style Guide
.030 Questions

.010 Brand guide

The Division of Communications and Marketing, or DCM, maintains the Kansas State University brand guide. The brand guide sets forth the permissible use and guidelines addressing the university brand, including any portrayal of university trademarks, logos, symbols, fonts, styles and related elements. University employees, contractors and third parties acting or performing services on behalf of the university must follow the brand guide when using university marks. DCM’s design and marketing units help ensure the brand guide is followed universitywide.

Use of university trademarks or other marks for licensed products must be approved by the Director of Trademark Licensing at logos@k-state.edu. Use in marketing and communications must be approved by the Division of Communications and Marketing. In general, the use of the university’s trademarks is restricted to representation of official partnerships or sponsorships.

.020 Style guide

DCM maintains the university style guide, which provides editorial style guidance for university-related terms. News releases, publications and other communications distributed by the university are edited according to Associated Press style.

.030 Questions

Questions about this Policy should be directed to the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at 785-532-2535.