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Communications and Marketing 

Chapter 3320

Revised June 3, 2015

Table of Contents

.010 General Information
.020 Marketing Services
.030 News and Communications Services
.040 Video and Engineering Services
.050 Design Services
.060 Photo Services
.070 Web Services
.080 Advertising Policy
.090 Branding
.100 Style
.110 Questions Relating to the Division of Communications and Marketing


 .010 General Information

The Division of Communications and Marketing, or DCM, provides strategic communications and marketing leadership for Kansas State University. The division is the official media outlet for the university and is responsible for helping the university communicate consistently with one voice — on all campuses as well as statewide, nationwide and worldwide — in deeply-rooted support of the university’s mission and values. The Vice President for Communications and Marketing leads the division, which consists of the following services: Marketing, News and Communications, Video and Engineering, Design, Photography, and Web.

 .020 Marketing Services

Marketing Services provides all administrative units, academic colleges and departments, and university-sponsored organizations and initiatives with direct access to integrated marketing expertise. The marketing team consults on and develops marketing strategies that are both universitywide and unit-specific and serves as a first point of contact to access all of the creative services the division offers. 

 .030 News and Communications Services

News and Communications Services works with the university community to communicate all aspects of the university through media outlets, the university's website and social media. The news and communications team distributes daily news releases as well as K-State Today, the university's daily e-newsletter that provides faculty, staff and students a single source of timely university news and announcements. 

 .035 Authorization to distribute news releases

News and Communications Services is one of three campus units that can distribute news releases. Colleges, departments and academic and administrative units should submit releases to News and Communications Services for distribution. K-State Athletics and K-State Research and Extension also have this authority.

 .040 Video and Engineering Services

Video and Engineering Services offers video production from concept through final post and broadcast. A full-service media facility is available with professional producers, directors and engineers to advise and guide the process. Services include scripting, design, animation, in-studio and on-location high-definition video production, audio, technical engineering, multimedia, and satellite uplink. 

 .050 Design Services

Design Services is responsible for designing, coordinating production for, and prioritizing publications, websites and other projects used to advance the university. The unit maintains the university's branding guidelines and reviews creative designs to ensure adherence to the brand. Design Services provides professional assistance with concept, editing, design, format, artwork, type specification, photo selection, cost and time estimates, and production coordination for all types of publications.

 .060 Photo Services

Photo Services provides high quality professional photography to the university. Requests for photo shoots can be made through Marketing Services. Studio portrait sessions are available for all faculty and staff. All photography shoots within regular business hours are free of charge. Prints are available for purchase.

 .070 Web Services

Web Services collaborates with campus clients to design, build and support websites and Web applications for the university community, specifically for academic and administrative units, faculty members and student organizations. The Web team works to ensure consistency and to maximize usability of university websites, which allows clients to focus on site content. 

 .080 Advertising Policy

The Division of Communications and Marketing is responsible for coordinating the advertising and marketing initiatives of the university. This policy covers the use of Kansas State University Restricted Use Funds and General Use Funds. 

  • The use of general use and restricted use funds is permitted for the purchase of advertising if authorized by the President of the university or his designee and permitted by Kansas Board of Regents policy. The President's designees for this purpose are the Vice President for Communications and Marketing and the Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing. 
  • Media purchases and all advertising contracts should be coordinated through the Division of Communications and Marketing, with the exception of advertisements for: (1) musical, stage and athletic performances; (2) subjects for research projects; (3) student events paid from student activity fees; (4) agricultural and greenhouse products for sale; (5) used or surplus items for sale; (6) recruitment of personnel, provided that such advertisements conform to all requirements governing discrimination in recruitment; and (7) conferences organized through K-State Global Campus. 
  • Advertisements should be created in conjunction with the Division of Communications and Marketing to assure proper branding and messaging. Any use of the university name, marks or logos must be approved by the university's Trademark Licensing Office and the Division of Communications and Marketing. 
  • Advertising to show support for charitable organizations is not an appropriate advertising expense. Neither general use nor restricted use funds should be used in any manner that could be construed as a contribution to a charity or cause not directly associated with the university. 

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Division of Communications and Marketing, 128 Dole Hall, 785-532-2535, vpcm@k-state.edu.

 .090 Branding

The Brand Guide, maintained on the Division of Communications and Marketing's website, includes general guidelines for the Kansas State University brand as well as specific directions for the application of university marks and related elements.

 .100 Style

The University Style Guide, developed by a universitywide committee and maintained maintained on the Division of Communications and Marketing's website, addresses editorial style for the university.

 .110 Questions Relating to the Division of Communications and Marketing

The Division of Communications and Marketing can be contacted at 785-532-2535 or vpcm@k-state.edu, or by visiting 128 Dole Hall.