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Use of KSU Buildings and Grounds

Chapter 7840
Revised August 31, 2016; August 2, 2017; May 16, 2018; July 3, 2018

Table of Contents

.005 Purpose
.010 Unscheduled Building Access
.020 Scheduling Buildings and Grounds Use
.030 Food
.040 Fund Raising Functions
.045 Electronically Amplified Sound
.050 Specialized Procedures
.060 Weber Arena
.070 Military Science Building - Room 8
.080 Ahearn Sports Complex
.090 All-Faiths and Danforth Chapels
.100 Control of Animals on Kansas State University Property
.110 Questions
.200 Request for Use of University Buildings and Grounds
.210 Request for Use of Ahearn Sports Complex
.220 Request for Use of Kansas State University Chapels

.005 Purpose

This policy is to help provide for the safe use of KSU buildings and grounds and the avoidance of scheduling conflicts. Nothing in this policy is intended to or shall be used to prohibit free expression based on viewpoint, or to prohibit unscheduled expressive activities on KSU grounds. Safety rules and other content-neutral reasonable time, place and manner restrictions may be enforced.

.010 Unscheduled Building Access

All University buildings are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and closed all day Saturday and Sunday unless scheduled to be opened by request for special use. All office doors should remain locked after hours or when offices are unattended for a prolonged period of time.

The following guidelines are intended to establish a procedure to admit authorized persons to University buildings at times when buildings are normally closed.

Faculty and staff personnel who have a need to be in a building during closed hours should request, through their department head or dean, an outside door key to be issued to them. Faculty and staff personnel who would need to be in their building during closed hours at infrequent, unscheduled intervals should go to the Kansas State University Police Department, show their Kansas State University identification card, state the reasons for needing building access, and request assistance. Only when this process is followed may the Kansas State University Police Department, by the authority of the Assistant Vice President for the Division of Facilities, open buildings during closed hours.

.020 Scheduling Building and Grounds Use

University facilities are available for use by authorized groups for activities that complement the teaching, research, and service programs of the University. Priority is given to academic scheduling. The use of buildings for other than regularly scheduled academic classes and functions will be considered special and will be subject to these guidelines.

Scheduling of University buildings and grounds shall be approved only for a University department or a student organization that is registered by the Center for Student Involvement, or CSI. Non-university groups or individuals requesting to reserve university space for events open to the public must be co-sponsored by a University department or registered student organization. Members of the student organization or department must be actively involved with the planning of the event for it to be considered sponsored by the student organization or department. The Division of Facilities or the appropriate Building Authority as designee reserves the right to request verification of eligibility if necessary and make the final determination as to sponsorship by considering the nature of the event and past experience with respect to similar events.

To reserve space, the Request for Use of University Buildings or Grounds form must be completed. Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 8530 provides additional guidelines that student organizations must adhere to.

For scheduled activities, a Facilities Request for Use of University Buildings and Grounds form (Attachment 200) (pdf) shall be completed and submitted to the Associate Vice President for Facilities or Building Authority at least one week in advance of the requested activity. Building opening requests should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance or before noon on Friday for weekends. A shorter notice period may result in a rejection because of lack of time to make necessary arrangements. If .25 inch of rain is received during the 24-hours preceding a scheduled outdoor event, the event may need to be postponed/canceled in order to protect the grounds.

Scheduling of activities can be made only for the current semester. Regularly scheduled continuing functions will be approved for one semester only. Applications for renewal will be submitted and processed in the same manner as new requests. Scheduling for the summer can begin May 1. Fall semester scheduling can start July 1. Spring semester scheduling can begin December 1.

Activities will be confined to as few buildings as feasible in order to comply reasonably with State, Federal, and University requirements on energy conservation. A copy of the approved Building & Grounds request will be sent to the Kansas State University Police Department as authorization to unlock outside doors of buildings to be used. The Police Department is not responsible for unlocking department space doors. General use classroom doors are to remain unlocked at all times unless approval has been received from Facilities to do otherwise.

.030 Food

Food is not permitted to be handled and served in University buildings, except in non-classroom areas in the following buildings and their immediately adjacent outside grounds:

K-State UnionFootball Office Bldg., Big Eight Room only
McCain AuditoriumDurland Hall, Foyer only
Hale Library, Room 315KSU Foundation Center
Nichols Hall, Foyer onlyWeber Hall, Arena only
Derby Food CenterBrandeberry Complex
Kramer Food CenterJustin Hall, Hoffman Lounge only
Bramlage Coliseum

All catering of food on campus is to be arranged by the K-State Union or a licensed caterer. Catered events involving food not supplied by the K-State Union must meet the requirements of the Campus Sanitation Committee and be signed by the Director of Public Safety before the request is considered.

.040 Fund Raising Functions

Any activity which is sponsored by a registered student organization that involves a request for money from non-members, and is publicly advertised or solicited, requires a Fund Raising Permit.

Use of buildings and grounds for political activity will be subject to the Board of Regents and Kansas State University Political Activity Guidelines currently in effect.

Individual use areas such as Weber Arena, Ahearn Sports Complex, All Faiths and Danforth Chapels, and Military Science Building, Room 8 have specialized policies in addition to this basic policy and they are defined in the section of this document called Specialized Procedures. These areas have use fees and the group is responsible for submitting payment for all areas except Military Science to the Division of Facilities, Dykstra Hall Room 109, prior to the event.

University facilities are NOT available for private use. (See Specialized Procedures for All Faiths and Danforth Chapels.)

.045 Electronically Amplified Sound

The use of electronically amplified sound may be desirable or necessary in connection with certain special events or activities on campus. However, amplified sound presents a potential for interference with essential university activities. Therefore, the use of amplified sound, such as public address equipment, sound vehicles, electronically amplified musical instruments, and so forth, is generally restricted to non-classroom, classroom, non-laboratory and non-office hours and/or to such locations as auditoriums, stadia or other areas in which amplified sound is unlikely to disturb the regular academic or administrative functions of the university.

Based on the above considerations, electronically amplified sound is permitted on campus, but generally only on the island between Seaton Hall and the K-State Student Union, in the Quadrangle east of Calvin Hall and around the perimeter of Bramlage Coliseum. Amplification is permitted on the island between Seaton Hall and the Union generally only between 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. During enrollment, amplified sound also will be permitted around the perimeter of Ahearn Fieldhouse.

Persons wishing to make use of electronically amplified sound must consult with the special events coordinator of the Division of Facilities in order to schedule the time and place. If another group or individual has already scheduled a certain time and place for the use of amplified sound, anyone later making the same request for the same time and place will need to schedule an alternative time or place, so that amplification is not magnified and/or so that the groups do not interfere with each other's ability to be heard.

Requests for exceptions to this regulation shall be made to the Special Events Coordinator and will be considered by a committee composed of one representative of the Student Governing Association, one faculty member, one representative of the Dean of Student Life's office, and one representative of the Department of Public Safety. Requests will be considered without regard to the content of the speech or activity. Exceptions will be granted if the committee determines that the proposed use of amplified sound will not interfere with university classes or other academic or administrative activities. Decisions of the committee are final.

In any event, no matter what prior permission has been granted regarding the use of electronically amplified sound, if the sound level does in fact interfere with any academic or administrative activity, as indicated by one or more complains about sound level or by other indicia of excessive noise, the amplification will be reduced or eliminated at the request of any campus law enforcement personnel or other University official.

.050 Specialized Procedures

All arrangements for service, equipment, or personnel will be made by the Division of Facilities unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Requisitions will be required where specified. Billing for services will be done after the event on the basis of time and materials used unless mutually agreed upon in advance, and use fees are to be paid in advance.

Sponsors of non-academic functions are required to see that special area use fees are paid in advance. Final approval for an activity will be granted upon receipt of the specified amount.

Areas should be cleaned up and left in their original condition and may be subject to inspection by a representative of the Facilities staff. Charges may be assessed for additional clean-up or damage.

All fire, safety, sanitation, or special regulations specified for each area are to be obeyed. Infractions may result in the curtailment or cancellation of the event.

Faculty sponsors, sponsoring departments or units and requesting groups make a commitment in the course of using University facilities to use the areas without disruption to academic programs, to avoid any damage to the areas, to conserve energy, and to conform to all regulations. Abuse of use regulations will result in restricted or withdrawn privileges.

All requests are approved in accordance with University regulations concerning use of Kansas State University facilities. Some using groups are required to sign a waiver of liability. All requests are subject to cancellation by the Assistant Vice President for the Division of Facilities.

.060 Weber Arena

Weber Arena was specifically designed for classes and laboratories for the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and priority is given to these activities. Educational events such as conferences, clinics, and symposiums may be held there on a scheduled basis. It has unique features which can accommodate large events that may be open to the general public.

All requests are handled and processed by The Division of Facilities and coordinated with the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.

The Arena surface shall be worked by a person or persons designated and approved by the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.

Events which disrupt research being conducted in the Physiology of Reproduction Laboratory located in the area beneath the bleachers are not permitted.

Events that are hazardous to students, participants, livestock, facilities or equipment are not permitted.

Animals which are not healthy and may endanger the health of the herds and flocks of the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry are not permitted to contaminate the facility.

Animals which are closely confined or offered for sale are required to have a health certificate from the State Veterinarian's office and compliance with any other applicable health regulations.

Animals shall not be ridden or exercised on the lawn areas of Weber.

Evening and weekend or holiday events should have adequate security provided by the using group and coordinated through the Kansas State University Police Department.

Use fees, which are used for maintenance of the arena, are based on the most current fee schedule and are to be paid in advance.

A responsible representative of the using group of the group sponsor shall be present at all times for supervision and emergency situations.

.070 Military Science Building - Room 8

Military Science Building, Room 8, was specifically designed for a rifle range for the Department of Military Science and ROTC instruction. Priority is given to these activities.

All requests for use of Military Science Building, Room 8, will be referred by the Division of Facilities to the Head of the Military Science Department for approval prior to scheduling. Specialized guidelines have been established in addition to those stated in Chapter 7840.

A use fee will be charged, based on the number of persons each day using the facility. The current fee schedule will be used. The Head of the Military Science Department will calculate the proper fee to be assessed. Payment of use fees is to be in advance.

Use fees collected are controlled by the Head of the Military Science Department and used exclusively for range maintenance (i.e., target cloth, paint, light bulbs, pulleys, electric motors, cord for target carriers, cleaning materials, hiring personnel and renting equipment to maintain target traps, and other expenses incurred on the range.)

.080 Ahearn Sports Complex

The Ahearn Sports Complex is made up of the Field House, Gymnasium, Natatorium, and miscellaneous areas designed for use by the Department of Kinesiology, the Department of Athletics, Rec Services, and K-State Global Campus. These departments have use priority. A Request to Use Ahearn Sports Complex form (Attachment 210) (pdf) must be completed by the requestor and approved by the Division of Facilities to reserve time and space in this building.

Events that are hazardous to either students, participants, facilities, or equipment are not permitted.

A qualified lifeguard shall be on duty at all times for activities in the Natatorium.

No food or drink is permitted in the pool area, gymnasium, or other areas as posted.

Non-academic groups must direct their request for use of facilities to the Facilities Special Events Coordinator. All scheduling of academic use will be coordinated with the Ahearn Users Group. Areas requested for use will be specifically stated on the formal request form. A use fee may be required.

A responsible representative of the using group or the group sponsor shall be present at all times for supervision and emergency situations.

Adequate safety and health provisions (including Red Cross) will be arranged for and paid by the using group when deemed necessary by the Ahearn Users Group.

Events which involve large numbers of people and/or many special arrangements should be made as much in advance, at least one semester if possible, to assure scheduling.

If a principal user unexpectedly requires the facility, every effort will be made to relocate the events and to keep inconvenience at a minimum.

.090 All-Faiths and Danforth Chapels

The chapels were given to Kansas State University for the religious life and growth of the university community - Danforth Chapel by the Danforth Foundation and All Faiths Chapel through private donations as a memorial for K-State alumni who died in World War II and the Korean War. At the onset, it was decided that Religious Activities, Dean of Student Life, and the Music Department would share All Faiths Chapel.

The original intent for use of the Chapels is to provide a place for holding meetings, services, or other activities of a religious nature and for individual private meditation by students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, the facilities are to be used by the Music Department to support their academic program as long as the All Faiths Chapel organ is the only one available. University- related religious activities and academic programs have use priority.

The schedule for University-related religious activities and Department of Music programs is established and maintained through mutual agreement to accommodate valid religious activities and priority time for the Music Department. Scheduling is done on a single semester basis.

All Request for use of Kansas State University Chapels (Attachment 220) (pdf) will be processed and approved by the Facilities Special Events Coordinator. The Division of Facilities maintains the Chapels as public use facilities and charges a use fee for all non-academic related activities. Non-academic activities include, but are not limited to, wedding rehearsals, weddings, and special events that charge an admission fee, such as concerts or speakers. The fee is used for special custodial upkeep and building maintenance. Added fees may be assessed if a special event has an expected attendance of 200 or more and lasts for more than three hours.

Additional services requested by any user will be charged at the current rate for such services, such as table and chair rental, delivery and pickup, and PA systems (if house system is not used). All use fees are payable in advance and final approval for use will depend upon receipt of the designated amount. If the facilities are damaged or not left in the same condition as found, the user will be billed for restoration.

The following guidelines are provided in order to facilitate chapel use for religious groups, university chaplains, worship services, weddings, memorial services, music academic classes, faculty and student recitals, and concerts:

  1. To accommodate academic music requirements, All Faiths Chapel should be scheduled primarily Monday through Thursday, all day, and Friday afternoon until 4 p.m.,and Sunday from 1 to 4:30 p.m.

  2. Similarly, to best accommodate wedding rehearsals, weddings, worship services, and religious activities, All Faiths Chapel should be scheduled primarily Friday after 4 p.m. through Sunday at 1 p.m. and after 4:30 p.m.

  3. Exceptions, such as memorial services, special concerts, and musical and religious activities require coordination between the Department of Music and Religious Activities.

  4. Single or short-term events may be scheduled at any time when space is available on a semester basis.

  5. Scheduling of musical programs by off-campus groups should be coordinated with the Head of the Department of Music, while off-campus, non-registered religious groups scheduling should be coordinated with the Coordinator of Religious Activities.

  6. Registered student organizations wanting to use the chapels regularly during a semester are to have their reservation forms submitted to the Division of Facilities by the beginning of each semester.

  7. Semester schedules for music student recitals should be completed early each semester.

  8. To provide use opportunity for as many units as possible, because of limited availability and heavy demand, it may be necessary to limit the frequency and time length for meetings, regular groups, or events. Weddings should be limited to three hours.

  9. Danforth Chapel (seating 65) may be scheduled on a regular basis and for single events by religious groups on any day of the week. Other groups or individuals may schedule Danforth Chapel on a space-available basis. Off-campus groups will be coordinated with the Coordinator of Religious Activities or Head of the Music Department
.100 Control of Animals on Kansas State University Property
  1. The University has the responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, positive learning environment. The uncontrolled and unsupervised presence of animals on campus compromises that environment. This policy establishes and fixes the responsibility with the owner of the animal and sets forth the manner in which the conditions of the policy will be administered.

  2. Animals are not permitted in any buildings with the exception of service animals, animals under care and treatment in the College of Veterinary Medicine, research animals housed in University buildings or animals used as part of an academic program. Service animals are defined as a dog or miniature horse (in certain circumstances) individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Service animals are welcome in all buildings on campus and may attend any class, meeting or other events. Students who use a service animal are encouraged to notify the Student Access Center.

  3. Assistance animals are permitted in university housing if an accommodation is required under the University Housing Reasonable Accommodations Policy. That policy, the forms necessary to request a housing accommodation, and the Assistance Animal Policy and Agreement can be found on the Student Access Center website. Animals such as fish, non-venomous or non-dangerous reptiles, or amphibians may be allowed in university housing under certain circumstances. Please refer to the relevant housing handbook: For Residence Halls. For Jardine Apartments. For Polytechnic.

  4. The Building Authority for each building is responsible for enforcing the policy.

  5. All dogs and cats on campus must be licensed with the city in which the campus is located. All animals must have current vaccinations evidenced by a tag on the animal or the vaccination certificate in the immediate possession of the owner.

  6. All animals at Kansas State University are expected to behave appropriately at all times. The University may exclude an animal, including a service animal, if the animal:

    1. is not housebroken;
    2. would pose a direct threat to the health, safety or property of others that cannot be reduced or eliminated by a reasonable accommodation;
    3. is out of control;
    4. would fundamentally alter the nature of a program or activity; or
    5. is not being cared for by the individual.
  7. Animals are not permitted to run free on University property. Animals on University property outside of buildings must be leashed and under personal control of the owner at all times. Animals may not be secured to trees, posts, shrubs, etc., and left unattended. Owners are required to clean up after their animals outside of buildings.

  8. Animals that are running loose or unattended will be taken or turned over to the Riley County Police Department Animal Control. These animals will be held in the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter for five days to be reclaimed by their owners. After five days, if the animal has a stable disposition and is in good health it is made available for adoption. See the animal shelter's website for more information.

.110 Questions

Questions regarding this chapter can be referred to the Facilities Special Services Manager/Special Event Coordinator or the Room Scheduling Specialist in Dykstra Hall, 532-6373.