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Alumni Association

Chapter 8100
Revised April 1, 1993

Table of Contents

.010 Alumni Association Statement of Purpose
.020 Records
.030 K-Stater and Other Publications
.040 Alumni Clubs
.050 Constituent Programs
.060 Other Programs
.070 Financial Operations
.080 Questions

.010 Alumni Association Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Kansas State University Alumni Association is to provide a communication link between the University and its alumni and friends. Association programs keep K-Staters informed about and interested in the continued development of Kansas State University. The effect of these programs is to strengthen the University so it can continue to fulfill and expand its mission of teaching, research and service.

.020 Records

The Alumni Records Department, administered by the Alumni Association, maintains all computer records related to graduates, former students and friends of the University. This department has responsibility for the accuracy and security of all information contained in these files.

The department's goal is to provide mailing labels or other information on alumni and friends in order to help the University community with fund raising, "friend raising" and other activities. To insure the integrity and privacy of data, users must be fulfill the following requirements:

  1. All users must submit a Request for Alumni Information Services form provided by the Alumni Records Department. Each request must be signed by a department head or the dean of the college and approved by the director of alumni records.
  2. Users will state the purpose of the request in order to avoid duplicate requests. The purpose or intended use of the information requested is important in order to avoid duplication of requests within the colleges and to provide the most up-to-date information available.
  3. Users will give at least four weeks notice before the information is needed.
  4. Users will assume total responsibility for the data once it is in their possession and will not use it for private, political or personal reasons, but only for University-related business.
  5. Users will submit all data updates to the Alumni Records Department, along with applicable alumni identification (ID) numbers, to assist with accurate record-keeping.
  6. The users will agree to request new data for each project to insure that the most current information will be used.
  7. All fund raising appeals will be coordinated through the KSU Foundation and all alumni-related matters will be coordinated through the Alumni Association. The Director of Alumni Records Department will serve as the contact person and coordinator for both organizations.
  8. Users will be charged for computer time and other services related to each data request, if applicable, from University Computing Services. There is no charge from the Alumni Association.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the director of the Alumni Records Department.

.030 K-Stater and Other Publications

The Alumni Association Publications Department produces the K- Stater alumni magazine, newsletters, fliers, brochures, news releases and other forms of publicity for Association programs.

The K-Stater magazine is published five times a year, in July, October, December, February and April. It is sent to Alumni Association members, individuals on the University's Administrative and Key Personnel list, state legislators, members of the Kansas Board of Regents, and other alumni associations.

The Publications Department also writes, edits and designs several newsletters for K-State and the Association. They include Celebrate K-State, published three times a year for friends of the visual and performing arts at K-State; Parents, published twice a year for parents of currrent K-State students; K-State Connection, published three times a year for alumni and friends in the Kansas City area; SAB Today, published twice a year for current and former Student Alumni Board members, and Board Briefs, published monthly for current and former members of the Association board of directors and other Association leaders.

.040 Alumni Clubs

In-State Clubs
The Association has more than 25 area alumni clubs that sponsor events during the year. More than 3,500 alumni, friends and prospective students attend picnics, barbecues and dinners throughout the state of Kansas. At each event an academic and an athletic speaker inform the guests on the successes and highlights at the University. A concentrated effort is made to invite potential K-State bound high school juniors and seniors and community college transfer students to the events. At their events, many of the local clubs award student scholarships to prospective students who will attend K-State.

Out-of-State Clubs
The Association has more than 20 area clubs outside the state of Kansas. Almost 1,000 alumni and friends attend alumni events throughout the U.S. in a year. In addition, more than 800 people attend the popular Watch Parties held during basketball season.

The Alumni Association sends a memo to vice presidents, deans and administrators listing the upcoming alumni club events. If you are interested in finding out additional information regarding these events, or if you plan to be in the area during a scheduled club event and would like to attend, please contact the director of alumni clubs.

.050 Constituent Programs

The Alumni Association works with colleges and departments to develop programs to keep alumni involved with their academic unit after graduation. These programs take place both on campus and in other cities. The Alumni Association works with each college to design programs that are of interest to their alumni. The Association assists in planning the functions and in handling the logistics and reservations.

Colleges with formal alumni associations that have regular board of director meetings, annual events, and bylaws are eligible to have their presidents sit on the K-State Alumni Association Board of Directors as a voting member. College groups may not charge membership dues to alumni.

The Alumni Association also works with non-academic constituent groups on campus. Programs are currently established for athletics, the arts, multicultural alumni and parents.

.060 Other Programs

Alumni Fellows
The Alumni Fellows Program, started in 1983, is sponsored by the University Deans' Council, the President's Office and the Alumni Association to recognize alumni with distinguished careers. It brings alumni back to campus in the spring to share their expertise with students and faculty in classroom and informal settings.

Alumni Medallion
The Alumni Medallion, the most prestigious Association award, honors individuals for humanitarian service to society, significant contributions to community, state or nation, and outstanding work in their chosen field.

The arts program, co-sponsored by the Alumni Association and the University Celebrate the Arts Committee, is designed to inform alumni about K-Stater's visual and performing arts. Representatives from the campus travel about the state to speak about K-State's artistic treasurers and display pieces from the Permanent Art Collection.

College Nights
College Nights allow prospective students to visit with admissions representatives, current K-State students and alumni involved in professional careers about life at the University and after graduating.

Homecoming activities are administered by the Alumni Association and are planned by the All-University Homecoming Committee chaired by an Association staff member.

Kansas City
Several events for alumni living in the Kansas City area are held yearly, including activities in conjunction with Royals and Chiefs games, Starlight Theatre, Worlds of Fun and Woodlands race track.

Multicultural Alumni Program
The Association's multicultural program serves alumni from ethnic groups which include African, Mexican, Hispanic, Asian and Native Americans. These alumni have gatherings in various geographic locations and return to the campus for alumni reunions.

Parents Programming
The annual Parents' Weekend activities are administered by the Alumni Association in conjunction with Chimes junior honorary and are planned by an all-University committee.

Reuions for the classes that graduated 40, 45 and 50 years previously and the Golden K Club (those who graduated more than 50 years previously) are held each spring. Luncheons, dinners and campus tours are arranged for returning alumni and entertainment is provided by student groups during the reunions.

Student Alumni Board
Members of the Student Alumni Board support Association programs and attend alumni gatherings, assist at reunions and sponsor the annual Student Life Workshop, held in conjunction with All- University Open House each spring.

Student Ambassadors
The two student ambassadors, elected by the student body during Homecoming week, represent the student body at alumni activities and University functions and attend alumni-related events through their year as ambassadors. They receive scholarships from the Association.

The Association sponsors several tours a year for alumni and friends of the Association.

.070 Financial Operations

Membership Program
Membership in the K-State Alumni Association is available to all graduates and friends of the University. Special benefits of members include receiving the K-Stater magazine five times a year, lower interest rates and annual fee on a Wildcat credit card (MasterCard or Visa), special incentives on a long distance carrier program, mailings on insurance programs, invitations to alumni events throughout the country, special merchandise, use of the recreational facilities, library, and movies in the Union (special fees and restrictions apply).

Memberships can be purchased as a single or joint plan on an annual basis or as a single life or joint life plan. Contact the Membership Assistant for details.

.080 Questions

Any additional questions may be directed to the Alumni Association Office at 532-6260.