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Center for Student Involvement

About Student Programs and Involvement

Student Programs and Involvement provides opportunities for students to connect around similar interests. These opportunities may lead to leadership, personal growth, community services, professional development and learning from others. K-State recognizes the importance of access to forming and joining organizations that support students' own personal and educational goals. Registering an organization with the university provides for opportunities for students, effective communication and streamlined interaction with the university, which can be done through the center.

Student Programs and Involvement is the point of contact for all registered student organizations. It conducts the annual registration process and provides information and resources to more than 500 student groups.


Student Programs and Involvement advocates for personal and professional growth through student involvement. We accomplish this by providing opportunities, resources, and support for student organizations as a partner within the greater campus community.


Inspire community through involvement.


Student Programs and Involvement accomplishes its goals by keeping the following core values in mind. These values guide our work, our decisions, and our resources.

  • Honesty & Integrity– maintaining the highest ethical standards while being honest, transparent, trustworthy, fair, and sincere
  • Relationships– building a closeness with students and campus partners and working collectively with the greater campus community
  • Diverse Community– recognizing and appreciating the unique characteristics of individuals that make up our campus community and working to create a sense of belonging on campus for everyone
  • Growth– continuously learning new and innovative ways to face challenges as they come and encouraging students to seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Quality– producing and providing programs, resources, and support to the campus community with the highest quality and with keeping creative solutions at the front of mind

Additional Information about SPI

Check out the latest SPI Update, the weekly newsletter for student organization leaders, or catch up on the latest news from SPI.