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The New OrgCentral is Now Live!

Access the new OrgCentral

Users should use the School Login and type their K-State eID and password to sign in. 

Access the old OrgCentral

Use your K-State eID and password to login. Note: K-State user access to the old OrgCentral platform will expire at the end of December 2021. 


OrgCentral is K-State's online student organization management and student engagement platform. Students can explore upcoming events, engage in student organizations, and connect with other students using the platform. All registered student organizations have a group page in the system to manage their organizational operations. 

A new OrgCentral platform was launched in Novemeber 2021. New features will continued to be released, including a mobile app in Spring 2022. Keep an eye out in K-State Today and this website for updates. 


  • Download files, forms, photos, and news articles from old OrgCentral portal by end of semester to prevent data loss
    • Digital files, including documents, photos, and videos, did not automatically transfer to the new OrgCentral system
    • Organizations wishing to keep data stored on their old OrgCentral portal must download files before access expires at the end of December 2021
  • Welcome to the new OrgCentral
    • New platform is now available! 
  • What DID transfer from the old OrgCentral to the new platform:
    • Account Info
      • Account Name
      • Profile Picture
    • Roster
      • Members who are currently enrolled students of Kansas State University
    • Files
      • Most recent constitution on file
  • What did NOT transfer from the old OrgCentral to the new platform: 
    • Forms
    • Documents
      • Including older constitution files
    • Gallery
    • News
    • Events
      • Including details and attendance records
    • About
    • Roster
      • Position Titles
      • Non-university members
      • K-State faculty and staff members 


Visit our OrgCentral Help page for guidance on navigating OrgCentral. 

  • Updating your roster
  • Editing your organization description
  • Downloading documents
  • Accessing news articles, events, and forms information