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Center for Student Involvement

Get Connected. Get Engaged. Get Involved.

Joining a student organization may connect you with others with similar interests, develop your leadership skills, prepare you for your future career, create lasting friendships, and more. Explore the more than 500 registered student organizations at K-State. There’s a club in your major, groups that celebrate culture, and opportunities to compete in sports or serve others, as well as special interest groups. 

If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, then grab four friends and start your own. To learn more about starting an organization, visit here.

Track your involvement with K-State 360. Your activities outside of the classroom can help transform you into a well-rounded individual—make them count for something more. Sign up, download the K-State mobile app, earn badges, and stand out as you dive deeper with high-impact learning opportunities.

Learn more about organizations at the Activities Carnival the first week of each semester.