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Cats' Cupboard

Spring Hours 

Mon: 10 am-6 pm
10 am-6 pm
10 am-6 pm
10 am-6 pm
Fri: 10 am-2 pm
Sun: Closed

Cats' Cupboard
The K-State Food Pantry

Kansas State University
009 Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier Street
Manhattan, KS 66506


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Welcome to the K-State Family!  As a family member YOU have access to Cats' Cupboard.  The Cats' Cupboard provides you immediate access to food items as well as personal hygiene items at no cost.  No income requirements verified for your participation.  All are welcome to check us out.

Located in Fairchild Hall, Cats' Cupboard is organized as a consumer choice model, so you may come in and shop.  All we ask is that you take what you need and use what you take.  Our open hours to shop are listed to the left side of this website.

Construction on a new home for Cats’ Cupboard has begun!  This donor-funded project will allow Cats’ Cupboard to offer an enhanced experience to students facing food insecurity, as well as educational and engagement opportunities that promote student health, success and well-being.  The facility project was made possible by a gift from David and Tracy Lockton.

Who is eligible to shop at Cats' Cupboard?

The only qualification for you to take advantage of the Cats' Cupboard is that you be a current K-State student, staff or faculty member on the Manhattan campus.

What does shopping at Cats' Cupboard look like?

Upon your first visit each new semester, we ask each individual to fill out a short survey that does not ask any income information.  Each visit after that, all you need is your K-State Wildcat ID (WID) or employee ID.  Our exceptional pantry staff can give you a tour any time and are here to help as you might need.  The Cats' Cupboard is organized based on consumer choice.  This allows you to select your own items based on your preferences.

Keep in mind there may be items with suggested limits on the number you can take.  This is to ensure we have items available for the next shopper.  When you are finished shopping, take your items and be on your way; no payment or checkout required.

We encourage you to view the video below to visually see what shopping at the Cats' Cupboard might look like.

May I bring someone else with me to Cats' Cupboard even if they are not a part of the K-State community?

Sure.  Others are always welcome to come with you to see the pantry since you are a member of the K-State community.  However, a K-State student, staff or faculty member MUST BE PHYSICALLY present at the time of shopping.

May I share some of my items with my housemates, roommates, or family?

Absolutely!  Cats' Cupboard supports you and wants to promote food security for all.  Food is a means to bring people together and develop community.  If you have any concerns or have suggestions on how we might better support you and others members of the K-State family, please let us know.

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