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“Developing knowledgeable, ethical, caring, inclusive leaders for a diverse and changing world.”

The Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies seeks to provide students with opportunities to develop as knowledgeable, ethical, caring and inclusive leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. We provide students with opportunities for leadership and service on campus, in the Manhattan community, across the United States and around the world. Working as volunteers, site leaders or employees, the Staley School of Leadership Studies offers students the chance to apply and expand their learning beyond coursework. Click any one of the tabs on the left to read about the different ways K-State students are learning, serving, and leading.


HOKS AM Alt Breaks

The Academic Mentoring program selects, trains, and places Kansas State students in local schools and organizations to promote and support family literacy efforts and youth–related programming.

Alternative Breaks is an opportunity for students to participate in
an intense service experience during their winter, spring, and weekend breaks. Participants travel to communities around the country where they work with local residents to address a pressing social issue.


HandsOn Kansas State promotes civic learning and leadership through meaningful volunteer and service opportunities between campus and community. HandsOn strives to develop socially responsible citizens knowledgeably equipped for active participation. 


International Service Teams is a service-learning program of interdisciplinary teams of Kansas State University students who serve in communities around the world during the summer break. International Teams work with community partners to engage in local community work abroad.

K-State hosts Kansas Campus Compact, a statewide coalition of colleges and universities that promotes service initiatives that develop students' citizenship skills, helps campuses forge effective community partnerships, and provides resources and practical guidance for faculty seeking to integrate civic engagement into their teaching and research.

SLSAmbassadors HOKS GN

Staley School Ambassadors is a group of students who are actively engaged in the Leadership Studies Minor. The mission of the Staley School Ambassadors is to recruit students to the Staley School of Leadership Studies, promote the mission and goals, and educate campus and community members about leadership.

Manhattan Good Neighbors (MGN) specifically focuses on neighborhoods around the K-State campus. MGN provides opportunities for students and permanent residents to build and maintain positive relationships. Opportunities range from neighborhood clean-ups, community service projects to social activities.

Graduate Student Leadership Development Program

The Graduate Student Leadership Development Program (GSLDP) provides K-State graduate students an opportunity to develop leadership skills to make positive change in your work, studies, and student organizations. Through this semester-long experience, you will work with peers and professional leadership coaches to dive into challenges that are most important to you. 

Engineering Leadership and Innovation Program

In partnership with The College of Engineering and the Staley School of Leadership Studies, the Engineering Leadership and Innovation program will prepare exceptional engineering students for potential leadership roles in organizations that will flourish in a dynamic business environment operating under complex social, ethical, political, economic, business and engineering factors.