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Register a Student Organization

Registration for student organizations is currently available. September 9-27, 2019 will be the primary time to attend in-person registration sessions. Student organizations registered through CSI from 2018-2019 will have their registration rollover through September 27, 2019. 

2019-2020 Registration Process

Registration requirements vary slightly depending on organization type (see below). Once these requirements have been completed, the forms will be sent to the Center for Student Involvement for approval. Registrations will not be approved until all steps as outlined below are completed. 

Track organizations' completion of the required tasks via this online spreadsheet. 

Departmental Student Organizations

  • At least one student member from your organization must attend an in-person registration session provided by the Center for Student Involvement
  • The President or Primary Contact for your organization must complete the online registration form in OrgCentral (PDF Guide)
  • The Advisor must complete the Advisor Acknowledgement Form in OrgCentral
  • The Dean, Department Head, or Director of the organization's sponsoring unit must complete the College/Department/Unit Sponsorship form in OrgCentral.
    • Please note: This does not mean the organization's advisor, but rather the individual who oversees the entire sponsoring unit. The person who completes this form should be the same person listed as the Dean, Department Head, or Director on the online registration form. 

Independent Student Organizations

  • At least one student member from your organization must attend an in-person registration session provided by the Center for Student Involvement
  • The President or Primary Contact for your organization must complete the online registration form in OrgCentral (PDF Guide)
  • If your organization designates an Advisor, the Advisor must complete the Advisor Acknowledgement Form in OrgCentral (must be logged in OrgCentral to access)

New Student Organizations

Important Notes for Registration

General information about registering student organizations

The purpose of registering with the University is to be a recognized group so that your organization can reserve rooms on campus, apply for Student Governing Association funds, utilize an OrgCentral portal, establish an email, and participate in CSI programs and workshops.

There are two classifications of student orgs: departmental student organizations (DSO) or independent student organizations (ISO). For more information, please review the student organization policy.

Departmental Student Organization

A DSO plays a critical role in the day-to-day functions and mission of a department and its activities and services appeal to the University community beyond its members. Membership of DSOs is 100% students. The department must approve the group during the registration process and will designate an employee to advise or work with the group. The department has authority over the organization and can recommend or require student leadership change. The department will maintain the DSO’s funds and property and may provide all or part of the groups funding, and maintains the group’s funds in accordance with University policies. DSOs may not be community living organizations, religious organizations, political or partisan organizations, or organizations that are independently incorporated or part of another legal entity/business/organization.

Independent Student Organization

An ISO is any registered group that is not a DSO. An ISO is not operated by or affiliated with the University. ISOs and their operations remain independent and distinct from the University. ISOs may have an advisor, but it is not required. Also, if the advisor is a university employee, their role as the advisor is not within the context of their employment. ISOs are prohibited from expressing or otherwise implying that they are the University or that the University sponsors or endorses their group. An ISO may be affiliated with an international, national, regional, or local organization that has governance or other supervisory authority over the group. If an ISO loses that affiliation or is no longer recognized by the affiliated group, the ISO shall also be deregistered by the University.


Regardless of their classification, all groups must comply with applicable University policies, if and as applicable, including the Student Organization Policy. In addition, a group may not have a purpose that would violate or advocate the violation of any University policy, local, state and federal law. Organizations may not operate as a for-profit business, charge fees, compensate instructors or other K-State employees, or have a primary purpose of individual instruction.

An organization with the same purpose as an existing registered organization will not be allowed to register. The Center will determine if enough difference exists to permit more than one organization. If the groups are determined to have a substantially similar purpose, the Center will refer the students to the existing organization.

Things to consider

Here is a list of things to consider, as well as a few requirements set forth which groups must adhere to before applying for registration.

  • Groups may be created to unite persons with similar academic, cultural, religious, professional, social, political, or service-oriented interests.
  • Organizations must have a minimum of five members. Groups with at least 3 members can register provisionally.
    • DSOs – All members are students.
    • ISOs – At least 50% of members must be students. In order to request funds from SGA, 80% of membership must be students.
  • Groups may not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, physical handicap or disability, status as a Vietnam Era Veteran, sexual orientation or other factors which cannot be lawfully considered. All fraternal and campus-related organizations shall follow this policy in the selection of their members, except the prohibition against sex discrimination shall not apply to social fraternities, or sororities which are excluded from the application of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.
  • University governing bodies are not required to register (e.g., SGA, UGB, etc.). However, these groups are subjected to University regulations and policies.
  • Groups whose primary purpose is individual instruction, or if the group charges fees or compensates an instructor, will not be eligible for registration.
  • Organizations whose primary focus is to function as a for-profit business are not permitted.
  • Groups must abide by all applicable University policies, campus regulations, federal, state, and local laws.
  • If a new organization attempts to register and there is currently an existing organization with the same or similar name or purpose, the members trying to create the new organization will be referred to the current organization for membership.