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SGA Intern Program

About the Intern Program

Since 2018, the Kansas State University Student Governing Association Intern Program has operated in two distinct phases. The first phase is designed to educate the campus on SGA and its processes. This phase is open to all, the only requirement is to show up prepared to learn! Made up of 5 individual classes, there are 3 different sessions of Phase I that happen throughout the year to allow anyone to learn about SGA at any time, not just in the beginning of the semester. Phase II focuses on leadership development for the individual, organization, and campus at-large. To participate in the second phase, one must have attended 3 of the 5 Phase I meetings. Interns learn about current and future opportunities in SGA, hear from prominent K-Staters, and build community with each other.

A participant in the SGA intern program can expect to learn about the organization’s role on campus, three branches, processes, elections, and membership. The program is an amazing opportunity for any student - freshman or not - looking to get involved on-campus.

Intern Eligibility

Any and every student on campus is invited to participate in the intern program. Undergraduate, graduate, non-traditional, and international students are all encouraged to attend. To begin the process of becoming an intern simply attend one of the intern program meetings. The first class begins at 5:30 pm on September 8th in Wildcat Chambers at the K-State Student Union.

For more information contact Payton Lynn (paytonlynn@k-state.edu)