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Diversity and Inclusion

KSUnite - Journey to Justice: Bridging Distances and Differences

Thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion every day, KSUnite will recognize all the programs, events and activities across the diversity continuum at our university. Working with students, faculty, staff and administrators from across the university, we have adopted the theme- A Journey to Justice: Bridging Distances and Differences for all diversity related programs and activities for the academic year 22/23.

2022 KSUnite DEIB Conference - Monday, Nov. 14, 2022 - Wednesday, Nov. 16 2022


Kansas State University established a precedence with the KSUnite movement to provide all members of the K-State community an opportunity to meaningfully engage and holistically embrace opportunities for respect, civility, and tolerance, and to feel pride in participation as we prepare students for global citizenry.

At K-State, we can all share and learn from one another. Facilitated conversations and hard work help guide the K-State community forward. K-State students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities will join together for the sixth KSUnite Conference.  KSUnite 2022 will be a three-day conference open to our colleagues and communities throughout the state of Kansas and beyond. It will be held Nov. 14-16 at the Kansas State University Student Union. Please note: Classes at K-State will be canceled from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14, for the plenary session and first set of breakout sessions. More details to come!


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