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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Dance Audition Info 

Winter Dance Concert '22 auditions will be held Saturday August 27th, 2022 at 8:30 am.  Doors open at 8:00 am. Audition info and forms will be availabe in August, 2022.  


Audition guidelines:

1. Audition participants will need to download, complete, and print the Audition Form and Release prior to the audition.  Printed forms are to be submitted in person at the audition.

(please be as accurate as possible with your schedule, casting is partly based on availability) 

2. Participation in person is required to be considered for casting.  Please direct questions about this to neildunn@ksu.edu

3. Casting results will be posted by the same day on the call board and via email.

4. Check in will be in N004 starting at 8:00am.

Contact Neil Dunn, K-State Dance Production Manager with any questions about Spring Dance Concert 2021 at: neildunn@ksu.edu

Concert Info

Winter Dance Concert/Spring Dance Concert will feature jazz, modern, and tap. Auditions are open to all K-State students. Prior experience is preferred but not required. Students should arrive by 30 minutes before the audition begins to warm up and submit audition materials. Casting is often based on schedules, so auditioning students will need to have their weekly schedule with them. The audition packet below will need to be completed and returned to the audition. 

Held in Mark A. Chapman Theatre (Formerly Nichols Theatre), a "thrust" theatre in Nichols Hall, is where the dance program calls home. Experiencing Winter Dance Concert in this intimate setting is a wonderful way to come inside form the cold and warm up to a dance performance. Typically held the first weekend in December, Winter Dance Concert runs Thursday through Saturday with a matinee on Saturday.

Spring Dance Concert is typically performed on a proscenium stage at McCain Auditorium, our local road house (This may temporarily change during the COVIF-19 pandemic). Typically presented the the end of March or beginning of April, Spring Dance Concert has Friday and Saturday evening performances. 

WinterDance/SpringDance opportunity details

K-State Dance holds auditions twice a year, once in the fall semester for WinterDance and the spring semester SpringDance:

  • Auditions for WinterDance are typically held on the Saturday after the first full week of classes at K-State.

  • Auditions for SpringDance are typically held on the Saturday after the last day of classes for Fall semester.

These dates are subject to change and you should check the Dance program homepage for updates. Once the dates and times are confirmed, we will make a posting on the web site and the Dance call board located in the basement in Nichols Hall.

Auditions are open to all K-State students and may include the following dance forms:

  • Ballet,
  • Jazz,
  • Modern,
  • Tap, and
  • African styles.

Students selected from these auditions will perform on the faculty concerts (WinterDance and SpringDance). Many opportunities are also available for understudies in faculty works. Quite often, understudies will end up being cast.

What to bring
  • the appropriate dance shoes/attire and
  • your class schedule for availability. 

Individual solos are not required for these auditions.


Contemporary Dance Ensemble auditions

Kansas State University undergraduates and graduate students at any level of Contemporary Dance are encouraged to audition to be part of CDE! This ensemble provides additional opportunities to perform on and off-campus, as well as opportunities for student leadership. For more information about joining the Contemporary Dance Ensemble, please contact Kate Digby at kdigby@ksu.edu.


K-State Tap Ensemble auditions

K-State students at any level of tap dance are encouraged to audition to become a member of the group. This ensemble provides opportunities for community outreach, performance, lecture demonstrations, and a lot fun. (Ask someone who knows about tap a grams!)

For information on joining the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble, contact Julie L. Pentz at jpentz@k-state.edu or visit the view the Tap Dance Ensemble.