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OrgCentral Help

OrgCentral is K-State's online student organization management and student engagement platform. Students can explore upcoming events, engage in student organizations, and connect with other students using the platform. All registered student organizations have a group page in the system to manage their organizational operations. 

Click here to access OrgCentral. K-State users should use the School Login and type their K-State eID and password to sign in. 

For more assistance, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at studentinvolvement@ksu.edu or (785) 532-6541. 

Welcome to OrgCentral

Accessing OrgCentral

  1. Visit the K-State website.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Sign In.
  3. Click the OrgCentral link.
  4. K-State student, faculty, and staff should use the School Login button to sign in with their K-State eID and password
  5. Non-university users can create guest and off-campus advisor accounts to access OrgCentral.
OrgCentral Mobile App

Tips for DUO Authentication on OrgCentral Mobile App

When logging in to the OrgCentral mobile app on your smart phone, you may need to interact directly with the DUO notification to approve without leaving the mobile app to successfully log in. To do this: 

  • Watch video
  • When the DUO notification appears on your screen, slightly drag down on the notification
  • An approve/deny option box may appear for you, without requiring you to leave the OrgCentral mobile app. 
  • Select Approve 

If your phone can't do that:

  • Before you open the OrgCentral mobile app, open the DUO app and copy the passcode that it lists.
  • Then, when authenticating for DUO, use the passcode option and enter the code that you copied.

That will let you log in without tabbing out of the app.

Creating Accounts for Non-University Users

K-State students, faculty, and staff should login to OrgCentral using the School Login button. Non-University users can set up guest and off-campus advisor accounts to access the system.

OrgCentral Training - The Basics 

Student organization officers can watch this introductory training video on managing organization operations in OrgCentral. 

Video topics include: Overview of OrgCentral, group management, group settings and the feed, communicating with members, creating & managing events, surveys and forms, and storing important documents. 


Accessing groups in OrgCentral looks different depending on if you are an officer, member, or non-member of that group.

Members & Officers

Learn how to add members, assign officers and positions, email members, and more!