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Planning an Event

Planning safe, successful, quality events is an important aspect of student organization activity. The Student Organization Event Policy provides recognized student organizations with guidance and learning opportunities as they relate to social responsibility and event management, which support the following:

  • Creation of safe and successful environments for event participants;
  • Empowerment of recognized student organizations to hold themselves, guests, and others accountable for actions; and
  • Education on event planning and risk management practices.

Read the Student Organization Event Policy in Chapter 8530 of the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual.

Event Registration

All RSO-sponsored events that are open to non-members must complete the event registration process, as outlined by the Center for Student Involvement. Closed meetings or activities, unless they involve alcohol or minor children, do not need to be registered. Closed meetings or activities are those that are only open to organization members (non-members may not attend).

The Student Event Coordinator, i.e. the student member of the sponsoring organization designated by the RSO to be the lead contact and event organizer, should review the RSO Event Guidelines and create the event for their group in OrgCentral 

OrgCentral Event Creation Button

How to register your event in OrgCentral

To create an event in OrgCentral, you must first be listed as an Officer of your Group, or your Group’s Officers should grant you special permissions as a member of your group. Once you have the proper permission to create an event for your Group.

How to register your event in OrgCentral: 
  • Visit OrgCentral and use the School Login button to sign in with your K-State eID & password 
  • Select "Events" along the top menu bar
  • Click the "Create Event" button near the top of the page
  • Select the RSO you're completing the registration for
  • Complete and submit the event creation form.

A notification will automatically be sent to your group president and advisors, as listed in OrgCentral. Depending on the specific details of your event, your RSO Advisor may be required to login to OrgCentral to acknowledge your event submission as part of the registration workflow. If this action is required, your RSO Advisor will receive an email from CampusGroups with instructions.  Your event will be publicized in OrgCentral when this process is complete. 

Event Requirements, Guidelines, and RSO Responsibilities

Event Requirements
  • All RSO-sponsored events must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement
  • RSO-sponsored events must follow all local, state, and national laws and ordinances.  
  • Event coordinators should review the RSO Event Guidelines prior to completing the event registration process.  
  • Events taking place on university property must follow all related policies and Building Authority procedures. 
  • Events should not be advertised until official registration has been submitted. All promotional materials for RSO-sponsored events must identify the name of the sponsoring organization. 
  • Event coordinators must acknowledge and agree to the following when registering an event: 
    • As a representative of my organization, I thoroughly understand this and hereby attest to the validity of the information I am providing regarding its activities. I understand that falsifying this information is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and could result in disciplinary action.  
    • I understand I must inform my RSO Advisor and the Center for Student Involvement of any changes to this event.  
RSO Event Guidelines

Student Event Coordinators should review the RSO Event Guidelines, covering the topics listed below, before registering an RSO-sponsored event.

  • Advertisement, Publicity, and University Trademark 
  • Amplified Sound 
  • Animals 
  • Audience / Attendance 
  • Co-Sponsorship with Non-University or Commercial Vendors 
  • Entertainment 
  • Fireworks 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Gambling / Raffles 
  • Location 
  • Parking and Traffic 
  • Safety and Liability 
  • Sales and Solicitations 
  • Special Events 
  • Temporary Structures / Tents 
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Drones 
  • Violent Games 
Student Event Coordinator Responsibilities

The Student Event Coordinator is defined as the student member of the sponsoring organization designated by the RSO to be the lead contact and event organizer.  

The Student Event Coordinator shall be responsible for event-related details leading up to, during, and through a post-event evaluation to ensure the safe and successful production of an RSO-sponsored event. This individual shall serve as the primary contact in the event registration process. 

While different events require varied planning segments, a Student Event Coordinator may be involved in the following activities/tasks: 

  • Review the RSO Event Guidelines
  • Register the event in OrgCentral
  • Serve as a liaison between the sponsoring organization(s) and the university and communicate in a timely manner. 
  • Attend a pre-event planning meeting with appropriate representatives of the university to review details related to the time, place, and nature of the specified event, as required by the Center for Student Involvement.  Most events will not require a pre-event planning meeting. 
Advisor Responsibilities

It is the expectation that the RSO Advisor participate in the event planning and registration process. Specifically, the advisor will be expected to participate in the following: 

  • Shall, at minimum, have an awareness of all organization events and activities, including event date, time, place, cost, fundraising, admission, audience, and participants. 
  • Shall review and acknowledge, if appropriate and upon notification, all event registrations submitted by their RSO. 
  • Shall attend any pre-event planning meetings as required by the Center for Student Involvement. Most events will not require a pre-event planning meeting. 
Pre-Event Planning Meeting

Once an organization has registered an RSO-sponsored event, the Center for Student Involvement has the authority to determine at the time of registration the necessity of a Pre-Event Planning Meeting. The purpose of the planning meeting will be to discuss the final logistics of the event.The Center for Student Involvement will contact the Student Event Coordinator and RSO Advisor to schedule the meeting. The Center for Student Involvement may determine if additional individuals need to be involved in the meeting.

RSO Event Policy Training

Take the online training module to better understand the student organization event policy.

Event Planning 

Follow this Event Planning Step-by-Step Guide for planning and hosting successful events.

Define your goals and objectives.
  • What is the purpose of your event?  
  • How does it relate to your student organization’s mission and purpose? 
  • What is the theme of your event? 
  • How will it impact students at K-State?  


Review the RSO Event Guidelines
  • Review the RSO Event Guidelines
  • What policies will impact your event?  
  • What forms and permissions do you need?  


Determine your budget.

How are you funding your budget?

Collaborate with another student organization or department that relates to the purpose and goals of your event 


Select a date and time.
  • When will your event take place? 
  • Are there other university events happening that day?  
  • Do you have enough time to plan your event? 
    • Start early! Some events take 6+ weeks to plan!  
  • Consider backup dates & times. 


Reserve a location.
  • Where will your event take place? 
  • Have you reserved a space?  
  • Do you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather?  
  • How much time do you need for set-up and take-down? 


Register your event in OrgCentral.

OrgCentral is a great resource to help your student organiztion plan and promote your event.

To create an event in OrgCentral, you must first be listed as an Officer of your group, or be granted special permissions by your Group's officers. Once you have the proper permission to create an event, go to OrgCentral > Manage Your Group > Events > Create an Event. 


Contact vendors and purchase supplies
  • Where are you purchasing your supplies from?
  • Do your items serve the purpose of your event?


Create a marketing strategy.
  • Who is your audience?  
  • How will you advertise your event?  


Social Media 

  • Review K-State’s Social Media Guidelines 
  • Create graphics with the time, date & location of your event 
  • Post on your student org social media if you have one 
  • Tag @kstate_csi on Instagram so we can share your post!  
  • Have organization members post on their personal social media 

Signage & Posters 

  • Design your digital and print publicity items  
  • Student Design Services will create free graphic materials for recognized student organizations 
  • Follow University Publicity Regulations for posting flyers, banners, and chalking on campus 
  • The sponsoring organization’s name must be included on all publicity materials 


Create a day-of plan.
  • Who are your volunteers? 
  • Do your vendors know where and when you need them? 
  • What does set-up and take-down look like? 
  • Who are your on-site contacts? 


Confirm your plans.

Confirm all contracts, reservations, catering, staff and volunteers.


Debrief your event. 
  • What went well?  
  • What would you change?  
  • What did you learn? 
  • How did your event impact campus?