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Promotion and Branding

Student Design Center

Need a logo? Or promotional materials for your group or an upcoming event? Student Design Services is staffed by K-State students with design experience to create graphic materials for registered student organizations. Funded by the Student Governing Association, Student Design Services can create a wide variety of artwork to help registered student organizations develop a brand and market their cause across campus. Most services are Free to student organizations. 

Here are some resources to consider as you brand your organization.

University Brand Guide

DSOs and ISOs must follow the University branding guide set forth by the Division of Communications and Marketing. There are requirements and limitations for ISOs when using registered trademarks and the university’s name. For information for student orgs, visit page 12.

Note: Before you produce any t-shirt, giveaway, or other promotional item, it is good to have Tami Breymeyer, the director or licensing, review the design to make sure it follows K-State guidelines. Contact Tami at 785-532-6269 or email at tami@k-state.edu. 

Social media

As part of the student organization policy, student groups have branding guidelines. Here are some tips for updating your social media handles to comply with the policy.

Promote your event

K-State Today– Promote your event in K-State Today. K-State Today is a daily e-newsletter sent to faculty, staff and students. Submit information for K-State Today here.

Posters– Print your posters, banners, and more at University Printing and hang them on appropriate bulletin boards around campus. For information and guidelines, visit the posting policy. You can also submit posters to the Union and Housing and Dining, but you have to contact them to get approval.

  • Contact Union Marketing to get approval in the Union.
  • Contact Housing to submit promotions to the residence halls.

Chalking– Promoting your event on campus sidewalks is a great way to get the word out to the campus community. Just make sure you follow the chalk policy. Here are a few highlights.

  • Only washable chalk. Spray chalk or spray paint is not allowed.
  • Only chalk on flat, paved/concrete surfaces. (Not on steps, pillars, or walls.)
  • At least 30 feet from a building’s entrance.

CSI Update - Each week, we send out an eNewsletter to all student organization leaders and advisors via OrgSync. If you have interest in sharing information about events via this newsletter, contact the Center for Student Involvement.