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Threat Management Policy

Chapter 3015
Revised August 20, 2012

Table of Contents

.010 Threat Management Policy
.020 Questions

.010 Workplace Violence Policy

The safety and security of Kansas State University employees, students, and customers are very important. Threats, threatening behavior, acts of violence, or any related conduct which disrupts another's work performance or the University's ability to execute its mission will not be tolerated.

Any person who makes threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts on state-owned or leased property may be removed from the premises pending the outcome of an investigation. Threats, threatening behavior, or other acts of violence executed off state-owned or leased property but directed at state employees or members of the public while conducting official university business, is a violation of this policy. Off-site threats include but are not limited to threats made via the telephone, fax, electronic or conventional mail, or any other communication medium.

Violations or retaliation for reporting violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action that may include suspension or expulsion, dismissal, arrest, and prosecution. In addition, if the source of such inappropriate behavior is a member of the public, the response may also include barring the person(s) from state-owned or leased premises, termination of business relationships with that individual, and/or prosecution of the person(s). The university Threat Management Team will investigate potential violations of this policy that involve employees and will recommend actions to immediately manage and alleviate any determined threat. The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will investigate potential violations of this policy that involves only students. When incidents involve a combination of faculty, staff, students or visitors the CIRT will work in conjunction with the Threat Management Team to manage and alleviate any determined threat.

Employees are responsible for notifying the Associate Vice President of Human Resources of any threats which they have witnessed, received, or have been told that another person has witnessed or received. Employees should also report any behavior they have witnessed which they regard as threatening or violent when that behavior is job related or might be carried out on state-owned or leased property or in connection with state employment.  Employees are required to report to the campus police or other appropriate law enforcement agencies any incidents of child sexual abuse, meaning those crimes defined in K.S.A. 21-5501, et seq. that relate to minors as victims, which they witness on the University's campus or at a University-sponsored event.

Each employee who receives a protective or restraining order which lists state-owned or leased premises as a protected area is required to provide their agency designee with a copy of such order.

The university Threat Management Team is chaired by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. Other members include representatives from:

  • University Police Department
  • Counseling Services
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Employee Relations - in cases involving classified employees
  • Office of Academic Personnel - in cases involving unclassified employees
  • Office of Student Life - in cases involving students
  • Graduate School - in cases involving graduate students

The university Critical Incident Response Team is chaired by the Director of Student Life. Other members include:

  • College Dean's Office representative
  • Director of Counseling Services
  • Associate Director of Housing and Dining
  • K-State Police Captain
  • Lafene Health Center representative
  • Other support staff, as needed

.020 Questions

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources at 532-6277.