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2022 Audition Information
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Snare Audition Packet

Cymbal Audition Packet

Quad Audition Packet

Bass Drum Audition Packet

2022 Mini Camp Information
Mini-Camp Sign Up

Every year the KSU Percussion studio brings in a nationally renowned guest clinician to work with current and future KSUMB Drumline members. This year, we will be bringing in Mark Reynolds. You can read more about him here. Drumline Mini-Camp will be May 7th

The mini-camp will take place in and around K-State's McCain Auditorium. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The camp will run from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a group lunch ($5, cash/credit) served outdoors at midday. Parents and directors are welcome to observe! Parking on Saturdays is free in any unrestricted/non-reserved parking lot space. There are lots adjacent to McCain north of the intersection of Anderson Ave. and 14th St. Additional information regarding the camp will be provided at the K-State Drumline website. T-shirts will be available for purchase for $15.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Kurt Gartner, Professor of Percussion. Thanks, and we'll see you on May 7!

Here are the packets for students:
Snare Packet
Tenor Packet
Bass Drum Packet
Cymbal Packet

Here are the sheet music for the Wildcat Camp Jam - "Lie"
Snare Music
Tenor Music
Bass Drum Music
Cymbal Music

Here are the handouts for the directors session:
Engaging Your Percussionists V1
Engaging Your Percussionists V2


Thank you for your interest in the KSUMB Drumline!

My name is Jack Johnson, and I am the current percussion graduate assistant and drumline director/arranger for the KSUMB. I will be in front of the drumline throughout the year, giving instruction to all members as well as leading rehearsal and sectionals. I have an extensive background in high school, DCI, and WGI drumlines as both a performer and educator, as well as a passion for marching percussion!

The K-State Drumline is comprised of approximately 50 current students, with majors ranging from engineering, communications, physics, and music to name a few. These dedicated K-State students give the KSUMB life and help drive everyone to success. 

All members of the K-State Drumline must be enrolled in fall classes on campus. However, students of all ages and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to participate on our campus events as well as audition (for the sake of going through the process).

Clinic Dates and Info - February 19, March 12, April 16 and May 7th 

Chop Chapel:  Chop Chapel occurs during the spring semester and is a small drum session with members of the KSUMB Drumline to prepare for upcoming auditions. It is a very relaxed environment where vets are getting back into the swing of drumming. All ages and skill levels are welcome! Chop Chapels will happen February 19, March 12, and April 16 from 12:00pm-4pm in McCain 201 (Band Room). There is no cost for this event! 

Auditions -  May 21st

Auditions will be located in McCain Auditorium on May 21st from 10:00am-4:00pm. You need to be in attendance the day of the audition to be considered for a spot on the line. If you have a school related conflict with this date, please contact me via email (jackjohnson@ksu.edu) and we will work something out. 

Audition material can be found on the KSUMB Drumline page. Click here for the link. 

What we are looking for

Above all, a great attitude and solid foundation are the most important things to bring to audition for the KSUMB Drumline. Aside from this, here are a few items to prioritize in your preparation:

  • Focus on your SOUND above all. To generalize: You should be relaxed, comfortable, and have a big sound while playing.
  • Snare drums will be playing on a tilt (10 degrees) 
  • Tenors should ALWAYS prioritize playing on one drum before all the drums.
  • Basses should always expect to play in unison as well as splits. Start with the snare part when practicing. Be prepared to learn different bass parts throughout the process.



  • Focus on getting the most resonance out of the drum and sticks as possible.
  • Do not squeeze the sticks.
  • Prioritize having a consistent sound (all the taps sound the same in a phrase, right and left hands match in quality, etc).
  • The best sound you will achieve is typically “8’s”. Start with this, and work every exercise to match that relaxed sound.



  • Rhythms must be accurate and consistent.
  • Play mathematically correct rhythms (play the rhythm, not the rudiment).



  • Start with the basics. Work a solid foundation of timing and accent exercises at various volumes and tempos.
  • Quality over speed. Work each exercise focusing on correct and consistent rhythms, while achieving a big and open quality of sound.
  • Memorization is not crucial to the audition, but it will help with your confidence and consistency when the pressure is on!


How to practice:

  • Ideally, Practice on a drum that is tuned well! If a drum is not available, try to use the most realistic practice pad possible (to avoid ‘pad hands’).
  • Play with great quality sticks, so you can always hear your quality of sound.
  • Practice with a metronome.
  • Stand up and play in front of a mirror.
  • Do not be afraid to record yourself and watch. You will be your biggest critic, and it will help with your perspective on what to focus on!

Have fun!

Register for the K-State Drumline Audition

Jack Johnson 


Drumline Music
The Mut
Wildcat Victory
Wabash Cannonball
Wabash Cannonball


Chop Chapel

What is Chop Chapel?

            Chop Chapel occurs during the spring semester and is a small drum session with members of the KSUMBDL to prepare for upcoming auditions. It is a very relaxed environment where vets are getting back into the swing of drumming. Anyone planning to audition can come to prepare the music with vets on the line. If you have any questions, please email Nathan Smith at leininat@ksu.edu.


  • February 19th
  • March 12th
  • April 16th


Future Dates

Here are some future dates to have on your radar for the KSU Drumline.

2022 Fall Dates Below!

  • Drumline Mini-Camp: May 7th  
  • Auditions: May 21st
  • June Camp 24th-26th (members only)
  • July Camp: July 22nd- 24th (members only)
  • Band Camp:  (All members) August 14th - 21st
  • Sep 3 South Dakota
  • Sep 9 Purple Power Play
  • Sep 10  Purple Power Play 
  • Sep 10 Missouri
  • Sep 17 Tulane
  • Oct 1 Texas Tech
  • Oct 22 Central States Marching Festival
  • Oct 28  Homecoming Parade 
  • Oct 29 Oklahoma State
  • Nov 6 Texas
  • Nov 26 Kansas
  • Nov 27  Marching Band Concert
  • Dec  2 Holiday Parade
  • Dec  2-5 Big XII Championship
  • Dec 11  Marching Band Banquet
  • TBD Bowl Game/Trip

Drumline Instructor/Arranger: 

Jack Johnson

 Section Leaders:

Isaac Florez - Snare Section Leader

Brandon Wells - Assistant Snare Section Leader

Nathan Smith - Tenor Section Leader

Derek Leamer - Assistant Tenor Section Leader

Bass Drums:
Ethan Jeffries - Bass Drum Section Leader

Raegan Wessel - Assistant Bass Drum Section Leader 

Patrick Flett - Cymbal Section Leader 

Stephen Mitchell - Assistant Cymbal Section Leader

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