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The K-State Drumline

2023 Drumline Dates 
**=Required if you are offered a spot on the line 
All other events are strongly encouraged
  • Chop Chapel - Feb 18, 12pm-4pm, McCain 201 
  • Chop Chapel - March 18, 12pm-4pm, McCain 201 
  • Chop Chapel - April 22, 9am-1pm, McCain 201 
  • Drumline Mini Camp - May 6, May 6, 8am-5pm, McCain 201 
  • *Drumline Auditions - May 20, 10am-4pm, McCain 201
  • ​**Summer Drumline Camp 1 - June23rd-June 25th (Friday night, all day Saturday, Sunday Morning)
  • ​**Summer Drumline Camp 2 - July 21st-July23rd (Friday night, all day Saturday, Sunday Morning)

Register here for the 2023 KSUMB Drumline auditions!

Snares, Quads, and Basses should all learn the snare packet. Quad, Bass specific packets will be released soon. Cymbals learn the cymbal packet.
Click HERE for the Snare Packet
Click HERE for the Cymbal Packet

If you have any questions, reach out to drumline director and graduate assistant Houston Fleischmann at houstonfleisch@ksu.edu

Drumline Instructor/Arranger:

Houston Fleischmann

2023 Section Leaders:

SN Josh Avery
ASN Devon Autry

TN Austin Tonovitz

Bass Drums:
BD Porter Herold
ABD Izzy Furioso

CY Blake Sidel-Pinson
ACY Braxton Robertson

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