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Special Events

Band Director Day All Star Marching Band

Band Director Day is brought to us by the Kansas State University Athletic Department and University Bands. This day is a chance for area band directors to enjoy some hospitality and excitement of K-State football. It is our way of saying thank you for all the hard work and long hours that you put into your work.

This is a new, exciting event that will feature 151 of our state’s best and brightest high school musicians.  These All Stars will perform a song and drill of their own, then one along side the Pride of Wildcat Land - The KSUMB, before rounding out the special performance with some halftime favorites.

Trumpet & Mellophone Day Golf With The Pride

We would like to now invite all trumpet and mellophone players to spend a game day with the Pride of Wildcat Land. Participating players will have a chance to interact with the KSUMB on game day, perform at halftime for 50,000+ fans, and have the experience of a lifetime. A free ball cap and t-shirt will be provided to each participant.

We invite you to once again "Play for the Pride" this summer and help us with our scholarship drive. Please put together your team and encourage others to join you! All proceeds from this event will go towards scholarships for the upperclassmen members of the K-State Marching Band and Classy Cats.