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Kansas State University Band

The University Band is a non-auditioned ensemble which meets Spring semesters. It not only provides a quality ensemble experience for students from all majors on campus, but a valuable opportunity for music education majors to perform on secondary instruments. Music education majors who are taking independent study in conducting also frequently have opportunities to rehearse the band on a weekly basis, and conduct the band in concert

2017 University Band Conductors:

Purple Band:
Jessica Brummel
Sara Gift
Chris Opperman
Jacob Wrobel
Jair Holguin
Kodi Shouse

Silver Band:
Eli Gillespie
Shelby Goss
Alicia Jackson
Henry Law
Jakob Dunlap
Matt Hiteshew

2017 Concert Schedule

March 6, 2017
7:30 p.m.

Purple Band-Large Ensemble:
The Emerald Isle - Black
Locus Iste - Bruckner
Traditions - O'Loughlin

Purple Band-Chamber Ensemble:
Spanish Dance No. 1 - Grandos (WWE)
II. Norse Song - Schumann (BE)
American Folk Song Suite - Moore (PE)

Silver Band-Large Ensemble:
Timber Lake Festival - Hodges
Night Song - Saucedo
Western Horizons - Kahelin

Silver Band-Chamber Ensemble:
V. Courtly Dance - Handel (WWE)
VI. Andante - Beethoven (BE)
Twinkle Variations - Fabricius (PE)

April 30, 2017
7:30 p.m.

Purple Band-Large Ensemble:
March of the Belgian Paratroopers - Leemans
Appalachian Morning - Sheldon
The Dragon Prince - Kirby

Purple Band-Chamber Ensemble:
II. Finale - Mozart (WWE)
IV. Gavotte - Kuhnau (BE)
Mosaics for Percussion - Del Borgo (PE)

Silver Band-Large Ensemble:
Mechanism - Stalter
Rippling Watercolors - Balmages
Walking to the Sky - Buckley

Silver Band-Chamber Ensemble:
Salute - Byrd (WWE)
This Sweet and Merry Month - Byrd (BE)
Drum Song - Axel-Hall (PE)