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Kansas State University Band

The University Band is a non-auditioned ensemble which meets Spring semesters. It not only provides a quality ensemble experience for students from all majors on campus, but a valuable opportunity for music education majors to perform on secondary instruments. Music education majors who are taking independent study in conducting also frequently have opportunities to rehearse the band on a weekly basis, and conduct the band in concert.

2019 University Band Conductors:

Purple Band: Ben Rajewski, Elaine Snowden, Madison Hines, Rose Bentley, Carrie Goodson, Rachel Mallon

Silver Band: Joshua Arnoldy, Justin Gittle, Hannah Caswell, Kara Whitaker, Mackenzie Webster, Kayden Nickels

2018 - 2019 Concert Schedule

February 26, 2019
Chapman Theatre
7:30 pm

Purple Band-Large Ensemble:
West Ridge Overture by James Barnes
Codebreaker by Robert Buckley
Sun Cycles by Brian Balmages


Silver Band-Large Ensemble:
Arch of Triumph by Johnnie Vinson
Red River Valley by Pierre LaPlante
Terminal Velocity by Michael Oare

May 2, 2019
McCain Auditorium
7:30 pm

Purple Band-Large Ensemble:
Blue Ridge Overture by Frank Erickson
American River Songs by Pierre LaPlante
Dance of Fire by Quincy Hilliard


Silver Band-Large Ensemble:
Toast To Honor by Quincy Hilliard
Appalachian Morning by Robert Sheldon
The Forgotten Village by Michael Oare