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Kansas State Wind Ensemble


The K-State Wind Ensemble (formerly Symphony Band), directed by Dr. Frank Tracz, performs the finest original works and transcriptions for concert band and wind ensemble. The Chamber Winds program also focuses on a variety of original works written for chamber winds of varying instrumentation.

As the premier concert ensemble at K-State, the Wind Ensemble regularly travels to perform at regional, state, national and international concert venues.

March 2019 ABA Tour Schedule click  HERE


2018-2019 Concert Schedule 

October 17, 2018
McCain Auditorium

The Star Spangled Banner - Arr. Werle
Bright Gleams A Beacon - Gillingham
La Virgin De La Macarena - Arr. Castellanos  (Chris Castellanos, horn soloist)
Symphony No. 10 - Maslanka
Hungarian Attack March - Liszt, Trans. by Singleton

December 6, 2018
McCain Auditorium

O Canada - Lavalee
For The President’s Own - Williams
Holy Roller - Larson (Anna Wytko, sax soloist)
The Ringmaster’s March - Mackey
Overture to Candide - Bernstein
Kansas Wildcats March - Sousa

March 4, 2019
McCain Auditorium 

O Canada – Lavalee 
Star-Spangled Banner – Arr. Werle
Bright Gleams A Beacon – David Gillingham
Hungarian Attack March – Liszt, trans. Singelton
Holy Roller - Libby Larson, Alto Sax Soloist, Dr. Anna Wytko
Wildcat March – Sousa
La Virgin De La Macarena – Trad., Arr. Castellanos, Horn Soloist, Chris Castellanos
Overture to Candide – Bernstein

March 5-9, 2019
American Bandmasters Conference: Loveland, CO

O Canada – Lavalee Conductor Dr. Alex Wimmer, Assistant Director of Bands, K-State
Star-Spangled Banner – Arr. Werle, Conductor, James O. Seda
Bright Gleams A Beacon – David Gillingham, Conductor, Gerald King
Hungarian Attack March – Liszt, trans. Singelton, Conductor, John Climer
Holy Roller - Libby Larson, Alto Sax Soloist, Dr. Anna Wytko, Conductor Dr. Frank Tracz
Wildcat March – Sousa, Conductor, Brian Shelburne
La Virgin De La Macarena – Trad., Arr. Castellanos, Horn Soloist, Chris Castellanos, Boston Brass Conductor, Mark Walker
Overture to Candide – Bernstein, Conductor Thomas Verrier

May 1, 2019
McCain Auditorium

Red Rocks Fanfare - John Bogenschutz
Symphony No. 1 - Onsby Rose (Onsby Rose, Guest Conductor)
UFO, Movement #5 - Michael Daugherty
Irish Washerwoman - Nathan Daughtry (Jacob Wrobel, Xylophone Soloist)
Electrons Dancing - Anthony O'Tool


Side by Side Concerts

Each Spring semester, the K-State Wind Ensemble & Concert Band host a middle school and/or high school band to pair up for a concert in McCain Auditorium. This unique opportunity allows these young students a performance opportunity in a professional setting and to observe one of the top two concert ensembles on the K-State campus.

Participants have included:

Blue Valley Northwest High School, Adam Lundine and Melissa Askren
St. Charles East High School, Jim Kull
Rock Creek High School, Scott Bradley
Blue Valley Northwest High School, John Selzer
Blue Valley West High School, Daneil Kirk
Seaman High School, Cary Stahly
Salina South High School, Jared Rawlings
Manhattan Middle School, Scott Freeby
Manhattan High School, Rod Mangus
Maize High School, Jerry Stone
Buhler High School, Eric Stambaugh
St. Marys School, Warren Sikel
Highand Park High School, Luke Chaffee
Louisburg High School, John Cissitti
Riley County Schools, Joel Nagley
Marion High School, Mike Connell
Junction City High School, T.J. Taylor
Cowley College, Gary Gackstetter
Lansing High School, Luke Johnson (with Symphony Band) 
Smokey Valley High School, Shawn Knopp (with Concert Band) 
Manhattan Catholic Schools, Kim Thomas (with Symphony Band) 
McPherson High School, Kyle Hopkins (with Concert Band) 
Goessel High School, Mike Connell, director (with Symphony Band) 
Arkansas City High School, Chris VanGilder, director (with Concert Band) 
Goddard High School Marla Webber, director (with Symphony Band)
Clay Center High School, Matt Bradford (with Concert Band)
Rock Creek High School, Scott Bradley (with Concert Band)
Washburn-Rural High School, Luke Chaffe (with Wind Ensemble)
Haven High School (with Wind Ensemble)

Heather Gering