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K-State Twirlers

The K-State Twirlers perform at all home football games, halftimes of select basketball games, and pep bands throughout the community. We also travel to bowl games, and other special out of town performances. We are privileged to be part of K-State’s rich bowl game tradition and its an honor to perform for thousands of enthusiastic fans. The pinnacle of a twirler’s career is the opportunity to twirl for their college. At K-State we are honored to not only twirl for one of the top conferences in the country, but also alongside a marching band of the highest caliber.

2022-2023 K-State Twirlers

Feature Twirler: Bailey Walke
Wildcat Twirler: Lauren Birschbach
K-State Twirler: Kaylee Brundgart

K-State Twirler Auditions 2023-2024

Important Dates:
Round 1 - Video Submissions:  February 1st, 2023
Round 2 - In Person Auditions (Invite only):  March 4th, 2023
For more information about the 2023-2024 K-State Twirler Auditions, click here.

K-State Twirlers On Social Media 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kstatetwirlers
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KStateTwirlers/
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJL31EQ0QbjWdhzCtP6nMQA?view_as=subscriber

Contact Us

For more information about the Kansas State Twirlers, e-mail Sara Heptig at kstatetwirlers@gmail.com

Delaney Madden