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Brick Program

Fall 2022 K-State Marching Band Information

We welcome you to the K-State Band program.  If you are interested in playing with the Marching Band or the Cat Bands, please read the Summer Newsletter below for more information and registration using our online form.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at - ftracz@ksu.edu

Fall 2022 K-State Concert Ensemble Information

The K-State band program is proud to offer a variety of large concert ensembles for all students regardless of major.  We have five large ensembles:   Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Concert Band, Purple University Band, Silver University Band. All students of all majors and playing levels are strongly encouraged to play this Fall!  

Concert Audition Information

Audition sign up times will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Band Office (226 McCain). The 6-10 minute audition will take place the first week of classes. Audition results will be posted outside the Band Office after auditions. Wind players’ audition excerpts will be posted on the band website on August 1st. Please practice the excerpts for your instrument. Scales and sight-reading will be included. For more information please e-mail Dr. Tracz - ftracz@ksu.edu
Percussion auditions include the performance of prepared solos and/or etudes on snare drum, keyboard percussion, and timpani. Sight-reading will also be a component of the audition process. Check the bulletin board outside room 226 McCain for audition information and times. Percussionists must demonstrate skills in 2-3 percussion areas (keyboard, timpani, multiple percussion, concert snare drum, etc.) For more information, please visit the band website or contact Kurt Gartner - kgartner@ksu.edu.
You can read more about our complete Band program from the May 2022 SUMMER NEWSLETTER.

KFRM’s “On The Front Porch"

Check out the interview Dr. Tracz did with Rocky from KFRM’s “On The Front Porch"

They discussed:
- "Who is Dr. Tracz”
- Different bands and the atmosphere they create
- The Marching Band and Gameday Experience
- The Tracz Family Band Hall

Fundraising now OPEN! 

We're excited to announce that the K-State Band Hall facility project is finally underway. We're so happy that the we will receive a new and well-deserved home. Renovating the northwest side of Memorial Stadium will bring the entire Band together under one roof!

We know that so many of you have been looking forward to contributing to this project and we appreciate all your dedication to the Pride of Wildcat Land.

Donate Now!

Give a gift online and help the Band get one step closer to their new home!

Learn more!

"Everybody loves a home, and everybody deserves a home. This would be ours." -Frank Tracz

Engineering Students Have Rhythm

"The Kansas State University Marching Band, known as the Pride of Wildcat Land, has always seen its fair share of students from the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering among its ranks. This year, a pair of engineering seniors are helping lead the band."

Click here for the full article featuring two of our drum majors, Gillian Falcon and Ben Murdck.

In-State Tuition for Missouri Residents

Live in Missouri and want to join the K-State Band Program? K-State has received approval for Missouri full-time undergraduate students to receive the resident tuition rate for fall 2021. All first-time freshmen or transfer students receive this rate. More details

Come join the K-State Band Family!