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2019 All Star Marching Band

3rd Annual K-State ALL STAR Marching Band

Saturday, August 31, 2019 (time TBA)

Nicholls State vs. K-State @ Bill Snyder Family Stadium

Special Halftime featuring:

The Pride of Wildcat Land KSUMB
K-State ALL STAR Marching Band
K-State Alumni Band

Thank you for your interest in the All Star Marching Band

More information will be posted shortly

K-State All Star Marching Band
Instrumentation (tentative) 
Flute/Piccolo    16
Clarinet           20
Alto Sax           12
Tenor Sax        8
Trumpets        32
Mellophone     16
Trombone       24
Baritone         12
Sousaphone    12
Snare Drum     6
Tenors             4
Bass Drum       8
Cymbals          6
Color Guard    16
Drum Majors    3