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Kansas State Woodwind Ensemble

The K-State Woodwind Ensemble is an elite university chamber ensemble that demands the highest level of musicianship from all of its members. The group is comprised of the finest Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Saxophone performers at K-State. Entry into the ensemble is granted through audition during the first week of classes every fall.

2019-2020 Woodwind Ensemble Graduate Student Directors:

Allegra Fisher - 2nd year PhD Student
Evan Ricker - 1st year PhD Student
Rachel Poss - 1st year Masters Student
Eric Thompson - 1st year Masters Student

Concert Ensemble Audition Material

Please download, thoroughly read, and print the appropriate materials from the Fall 2019 KSU Concert Ensemble Audition Student Packet! Please sign-up for a blind audition time ONLY USING YOUR WID NUMBERS outside of the Band Office. Auditions will be August 26-27 as seen below. There will be a mandatory meeting for all auditioning for concert ensembles on Monday, August 26 at 3:30pm in McCain 201, please secure this date/time in your calendars now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Tracz!

Monday, August 26 (please arrive early so auditions move quickly):

3:30-4:00pmMandatory Audition MeetingMcCain 201
4:00-6:00pmFluteMcCain 132-Dr. White
4:00-5:30pmOboeMcCain 017-Dr. Morris
4:00-5:00pmBassoonMcCain 224-Dr. Wimmer
4:00-7:00pmClarinetMcCain 226-Dr. Tracz
4:00-6:00pmSaxophoneMcCain 131-Dr. Wytko

Tuesday, August 27 (please arrive early so auditions move quickly):

6:30-8:30pmTrumpetMcCain 223-Dr. Kilgore
6:30-8:30pmHornMcCain 226-Dr. Tracz
6:30-8:30pmTromboneMcCain 224-Dr. Wimmer
8:30-9:30pmBaritoneMcCain 224-Dr. Wimmer
8:30-9:30pmTubaMcCain 226-Dr. Tracz

*Percussion: Please contact Dr. Gartner (kgartner@ksu.edu) for information about Percussion Auditions. 

2019 - 2020 Concert Schedule

TBA, 2019   



TBA, 2020