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Kansas State Bands

2022 Summer Music Camp Program

Gilbert Band

Solstice FanfareGrace Baugher-Dunlap
Handclap (Woodwind Ensemble)Fitz and the Tantrums, arr. Ryan Nelson
Hakuna Matata (Brass Ensemble)Roger Emerson, arr. Jessica Vanstory
Hands-On Experience (Percussion Ensemble)arr. Ethan Jeffries
Salvation is CreatedPavel Chesnokov, arr. Michael Brown
JoyFrank Ticheli
Success MarchHarrold Bennett, arr. Larry Clark

Feyes Band

Forrest Brook OvertureErik Morales
NightsongRichard Saucedo
The Cave You FearMichael Markowski
Wildcat Victory (Woodwind Ensemble)Bill Moffit/arr. Rachel Villareale
The Doxology (Brass Ensemble)arr. Trevor Turner
Waltz for Percussion (Percussion Ensemble)Anthony Cirone
Byzantine DancesCarol Brittin Chambers

Blocher Band

Eternal Father, Strong to SaveWhiting/Dykes, arr. Robert W. Smith
Monarch Fanfare Michael Oare
As It Was (Woodwind Ensemble)Harry Styles, arr. Olivia Bazanos
Ave Maria (Brass Ensemble)Anton Bruckner, arr. Doug Yeo
Floor Play: Quartet for Body Percussion 
(Percussion Ensemble)
Alex Stopa
StardanceMichael Sweeney
Rainbow in the CloudsCarol Brittin Chambers
Quicksilver GalopWilliam Owens

All-Camp Band

Let Freedom Ring (My Country 'Tis of Thee)arr. James Curnow