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Kansas State Bands

2021 Summer Music Camp Program

Gilbert Band

Onward and UpwardWilliam Owens
Softly Speaks the NightChambers, Brittin Carol
Alma Mater (Woodwind Ensemble)H.W. Jones, arr. Rachel Villareale
Danny Boy (Brass Ensemble)arr. Michael Walker
March Madness (Percussion Ensemble)Murray Houllif
The TempestRobert W. Smith
March of the Irish GuardJames D. Ployhar

Blocher Band

Flourishes!William Owens
Soon May the Wellerman Come (Brass Ensemble)Seb Skelly, arr. Xan Perkins
A Song of HopeJames Swearingen
Tonterias! (Percussion Ensemble)Bruno Lecoeur
Above the LineBryce Newton
Bourrée (Woodwind Ensemble)J.S. Bach, arr. Cally Bitterlin
In C DorianFrank Ticheli
Portals (Midwest Premier)Robert W. Smith