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Human Resources

Compensation Plan

During summer 2015, job analysis questionnaires, or JAQs, were administered by HR to gather information from employees for updated position descriptions. Completing the questionnaire was a required step for all university support staff and unclassified professional staff employees. 

This work is a multi-phase, multi-year project that builds a compensation foundation and implements systems that enable K-State to effectively attract, develop, reward and retain staff.

Total Rewards, phase three

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Career Paths

Career paths assist employees to envision and understand the job possibilities that are obtainable as they move through a career. This work is included in phase three of the compensation plan. 

Career paths serve many different purposes and applications. Specifically, they:

  • Incentivize current and prospective employees to attract and retain talent at K-State.
  • Showcase developmental objectives for employees.
  • Align the work force to show how jobs interconnect at K-State.
  • Create efficient work flows amongst employees who have a broad knowledge base.

Compensation Journey

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