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Change My Benefits

Life changes can happen at any time and often cause stress while navigating the challenges associated with the change. Whether you are welcoming a new baby or exprience changes in your marital status, we have provided some things to consider when these life changes occur.

Changing Marital Status and/or Dependents

Marital Status Change (Marriage/Divorce/Death)
Adding or Deleting Dependent Children

To make a change to your health insurance, FSA and HSA (within 30 days of the event) follow the instructions below:

  • Go to HRIS
  • Enter your eID & password
  • Go to Employee Self Serve
  • Click on Benefits
  • Click on Health Insurance Enrollment
  • First time to log in, select KSU from drop down
  • Reenter eID & password
      • Click "Mid Year Benefit changes" tab
      • Click on "Start a New Request"
      • Make your desired changes
      • Upload any required documentation

Change Your Contributions (MAP Tutorials):

Life changes occur throughout the year. As these changes occur, employees may need to make adjustments to contributions for their retirement, health savings account, and/or flexible spending account. Please follow the guidance below to request changes.

Benefits - Membership Administration Portal (MAP) Tutorials
Personal updates (pdf
Enroll for health insurance (pdf
Add a dependent (pdf
Submit a communication form (pdf
Make a health savings account change and calculation instructions (pdf
Make a mid-year change (pdf
SEHP deduction schedule (pdf

HRIS/employee self service

Contact the Benefits Team!

The Benefits Team is here to help. Send your questions to benefits@ksu.edu. We will repond to your email within 24 hours.

Benefit Partners:

Kati Wolfgang, Director

Dylan Dumler, Benefits Specialist
785 532-1872

Tiffani Dye, Benefits Specialist
785 532-1873

Nicholas Garrett, Benefits Specialist

Maggi Denton, Leave and Accommodation Specialist
785 532-1908