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Employee Relations and Engagement

Employee Relations & Engagement has several functions designed to provide information and assistance to all University employees on a wide range of workplace issues. A part of our mission is to help foster and improve positive relationships among employees, their leaders, and coworkers by working person-to-person with people to resolve issues.  In concert with ER&E’s mission, our goal is to empower employees and equip them with the skills and tools to effectively manage and find resolutions to their situations.

Administrators, supervisors, and all K-State employees can contact our office to ask questions about employment policies. We also provide guidance on conflict/dispute resolutions and guidance related to individual and organizational effectiveness in the workplace, with the goal of developing high quality and effective resolutions to workplace issues.

Our office conducts mediations, facilitate conversations and coordinates the University's dispute resolution systems. We also make referrals to the ombudspersons, mediators, and other resources, when appropriate.

The Director of Employee Relations serves as the campus ADA Coordinator and is responsible for the University's compliance with ADA. In this role, the Director assists with requests for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

When to call Employee Relations and Engagement (ER&E)

Consultation/Policy Interpretation: Notice of Non-Reappointments (NNR), Contracts, PPM and University Handbook related to ER&E personnel issues, dismissals, disciplinary processes, performance management processes and more.

Dispute/Conflict Resolution: We conduct mediation and facilitative conversations with the goal of empowering supervisors and employees to resolve disputes/conflicts.

Performance Management Consultation: Provide assistance in developing effective employee improvement plans for Unclassified and USS employees.  Assists in developing task-related and competency based SMART objectives for well-defined expectations.  

Training:  We provide tailored departmental and individualized training per request.  We make referrals for training resources and professional development.

USS Disciplinary/Peer Review and Appeals Processes: We administer the disciplinary and hearing processes for USS employees. The ER&E Director acts on departmental requests for disciplinary action, such as decision-making leave (DML), dismissal and demotion.

Unclassified Professionals Disciplinary and Administrative Hearing and Grievance Processes: We provide assistance to University administrators upon request concerning employment actions and processes.  The university Ombuds provides direct assistance to Appendix G grievances.

Team Engagement:  Works collaboratively with team members focusing on the health of the organization with the goal of creating a better work climate, building a foundation of trust and open dialog to cultivate a solution-focus mind-set.

Disability Services: The ER&E Director serves as the campus ADA Coordinator and collaborates with stakeholders ensuring University compliance. The Director, along with the Leave and Accommodation Specialist, processes requests for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Contact information:

Charlotte Self, Director and ADA Coordinator

Maggi Denton, Assistant Director and Deputy ADA Coordinator
785-532-1878 mmbdenton@ksu.edu

Justin Wild, Senior Specialist

VACANT, ER&E Specialist

Emily Everts, Leave and Accommodations

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