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University Handbook, Table of Contents


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********* Changes to University Handbook
********* Temporary Changes to University Handbook Due to COVID-19 (pdf)
********* Foreword
********* Policy Development Process
Section A: Introduction
Section B: University Structure
Section C: Faculty Identity, Employment, Tenure
Section D: Privileges, Benefits, Responsibilities
Section E: Leaves, Insurance, and Retirement Programs
Section F: Instruction--Academic Procedures
Section G: Research
Section H: Extension, Global Campus, and International Programs
Section J: Major University Resources and Educational Services
Section K: General Services -- Recreational, Cultural, etc
Appendix A Standards for Notice of Non-Reappointment
Appendix B Financial Exigency
Appendix C Academic Freedom and Tenure
Appendix D Kansas Board of Regents Policies
Appendix E Constitution of the Faculty Senate
Appendix F Academic Conduct, Academic Honesty, and Honor System Constitution
Appendix G Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures
Appendix H Organizational Chart
Appendix J Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence, and Procedure for Review of Complaints
Appendix K Discontinuance of Academic Programs
Appendix M Review of Dismissal of Tenured Faculty
Appendix N Reorganization of Academic Units
Appendix O Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity
Appendix P HIV/AIDS Guidelines at KSU
Appendix Q Guidelines for Evaluating Faculty and Unclassified Professionals
Appendix R Intellectual Property Policy
Appendix S K-State Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment
Appendix T Policy Statement On The Use Of Controversial Material In Instruction, Including The Use Of Sexually Explicit Materials In Instruction
Appendix U Policy on Mediation
Appendix V Student Grievance Procedures
Appendix W Post-Tenure Review Policy
Appendix X Social Media Policy Procedures
Appendix Y Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Workload Policy