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Human Resources

Managers and Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors at Kansas State University are an integral component to establishing a positive culture and serves as a driving force at our institution.

Human Resources strives to ensure that supervisors understand their role within the instituation and have the resources and tools needed to be successful. The links, resources and guidance provided are intended to enhance and strengthen knowledge and experience within the K-State campus community.

Hiring ToolkitFMLATime & Leave Reporting/Approval

Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness: Compensation & Organizational Effectiveness reviews Position Descriptions and makes compensation and classification determinations, find more information about this process in this section.

Incident Reporting: Reporting of work-related incidents and injuries is mandatory. Supervisors should review the Flowchart - What to Do When an Employee is Injured At Work (pdf) for a quick reference guide to incident reporting.

Additional resources and guidance can be found by exploring our manager quick links section. Quick links can be found for the following topic areas:

  • Employee Performance
  • Employee Recognition
  • Manager Resources
  • Shared Leave Guidelines
  • Policies and Forms 
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