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Human Resources

Time & Leave Reporting and Approvals

Policy and Procedures Manual:

Approving Time & Leave Through eTime

The eTime Document replaces the hard copy time document, allows student employees to enter time on-line, and automates workflow (e-mail notification) for the approval process. 

Approval Process

As a designated supervisor, an e-mail message will be received after a student employee completes and submits their eTime document (electronic time document) for approval.

To approve or reject time entry:

  • The email will include a link to HRIS, login using your K-State eID and password.
  • Go to Manager Self Service > Time Management > Approval List
    • Hint: Minimize the menu for a broader view of the Approval List.
  • Approve or Reject Reported Hours
    • Department Supervisors-select yourself or another department supervisor from the list
      • After the supervisor is selected, employees who report to the selected supervisor will appear and those who have completed and
        submitted their eTime document for approval will appear with recorded hours.
      • Those with no hours reported cannot be approved, so their check box will appear grey.
    • To Approve Hours either:
      • turn on the Approve All check box,
      • turn on the Approved check box for each employee or
      • click on the EmplID (Employee ID) to drill down into their eTime document
    • To Reject Hours
      • click on the EmplID (EmployeeID) to drill down into their eTime document
      • Select the reject button & identify the reason.
    • Select Save and Sign Out
    • After approving hours, an e-mail notification from HRIS will be sent to the employee and the supervisor. Also, the hours will be automatically forwarded to begin the paycheck process.   After rejecting hours, an e-mail notification from HRIS will be sent to the employee and the supervisor indicating the needed adjustment. The employee will be responsible for making the adjustment and resubmitting for approval prior to the on-line entry deadline.
Additional Details

Please approve time entry for your student employees each pay period prior to 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following the pay period end date for a timely paycheck. Note: Holidays may change the approval date. Check eTime deadlines.

Note: If an employee does not appear on the approval list or approval needs to be processed after the deadline, please contact your department personnel specialist for instructions.