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Recording eTime in HRIS

Time entry in HRIS/Employee Self Service will be limited to one pay period at a time to avoid confusion. The first Monday of each pay period the eTime entry and approval pages for the prior pay period will close at 5:00 p.m. and the eTime entry and approval pages for the current pay period will open at 5:01 p.m.

Pay PeriodeTime Entry/Approval Available at 5:01 pmeTime Entry/Approval Deadline at 5:00 pm

Note:  Department timelines may differ and need to be observed. Holidays may change the entry and approval dates.

eTime Entry Page

The eTime entry page in Employee Self Service/HRIS replaces the hard copy time document for non-exempt employees and allows on-line entry each day, week, or pay period. To record time and leave on-line, follow these steps:

  1. Access Employee Self Service/HRIS: https://hris.k-state.edu/ and login using your K-State eID and password. Access eTime Document (On-line Entry Page): 

    Employee Self Service > Time Reporting > Time Entry

  2. Enter time and/or leave hours. To add a row for another earn type/earning code (i.e., DDY (Discretionary Day) SCK (sick leave), VAC (vacation leave), etc.), select the "+" button. 

    See Popular Earn Types/Earnings Codes

  3. After recording hours. select
    Save for Later: Saves the recorded hours and allows user further access to add and/or update hours. This button does not forward hours to supervisor/approver for approval.


    Submit for Approval: This button saves the hours recorded and forwards hours for approval. After selecting Submit for Approval, HRIS sends an e-mail notification to the supervisor and the employee and hours become permanent unless supervisor rejects the submitted hours.

    time entry page
  4. Sign out sign out of HRIS of Employee Self Service/HRIS before closing browser. 
Approval and Rejection Process: 

The supervisor is responsible for approving or rejecting the recorded hours. Approved hours advance to payroll que and HRIS sends an e-mail notification to the employee and the supervisor. Rejected hours will reactivate the employee's eTime document for correction and HRIS sends an e-mail notification to the employee and supervisor. If the supervisor rejects time entry, the employee is responsible for making the adjustment quickly and resubmitting for approval prior to the deadline for a timely paycheck.

Late Time Entries

Those who miss the deadline for entering/approving hours for the current pay period will need to contact their department timekeeper for instructions. Normally, a hard copy time document will be required for audit purposes.

Multiple Positions

For those who have multiple positions, a page with all available positions will appear. Select the appropriate position and record hours. If multiple positions should be present and only one position appears, please contact your supervisor or department timekeeper for instructions.

Recording Time and Leave

Hours are identified using earn types (earning codes) and are recorded in quarter hour increments. Regular hours automatically display if employee has an identified work schedule.

Regular Hours: Used to record the first 40 hours worked each week.

Recording hours worked in quarter hour increments.
Minutes WorkedHours Recorded
  • Examples:
    • If you work 4 hours plus 5 minutes record 4.00
    • If you work 4 hours plus 20 minutes record 4.25
    • If you work 4 hours plus 27 minutes record 4.50
    • If you work 4 hours plus 45 minutes record 4.75

Compensatory Time Earned/Overtime Hours: Used to record any hours worked that exceed 40 hours for the work week. Always secure prior approval from your supervisor before working any hours that exceed 40 hours for the week. 

View Other Pay Period

Previous pay periods may be viewed by accessing the drop down edit box at the top of the page. View other pay periods through our payroll pay dates website.

Error Messages

Edits have been built-in to prevent errors. Various messages will appear to warn the user.

The following messages appear when Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules do not match recorded hours.

    Message: Regular hours not over 40. You may not add overtime hours prior to being in work status over 40 hours.

    Message: Hours entered over 40. To record any hours worked greater than 40 within the work week, add a row ( + ) and select Compensatory Time Earned (CME) or Overtime Hours (OTP). 

The following message appears when greater than 24 hours/day or hours do not appear in quarter hour increments.

    Message: Time must be entered in quarter hour increments between 0 - 24.

The following messages appear when leave recorded exceeds existing balance or when too many hours have been recorded.

    Message: Insufficient Sick Leave balance

    Message: Insufficient Vacation Leave balance

    Message: Warning -- Employee is going to be paid more than 80 hours.

The following messages appears when attempting to delete holiday credit.

    Message: Warning -- HDE or HDC earnings code are rarely deleted. Even if the employee worked on the holiday, HDC or HDE should remain. Are you sure you want to delete this row?


Please contact your supervisor and/or department timekeeper for instructions.