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Human Resources

Essential Components of Contingent Offer Letters

Formal contingent offer letters should summarize the major conditions and elements of an offer of employment discussed between a candidate and an administrator at Kansas State University.  The following is a list of points to be covered in a contingent offer letter.

What Should Be Included?

For Academic Faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track)
  1. Introductory paragraph (Required).  The welcoming paragraph can be modified as needed but should include the College/Major Unit and Department making the contingent offer.  The position title/academic rank should be included here or in the second paragraph.
  2. Type of appointment statement (Required – Whichever is applicable).  This paragraph should include reference to whether the position is 1) tenured/tenure-track/non-tenure track, 2) full or part-time, 12- or 9-month, 3) regular or term, 4) salary, AND 5) benefits eligible or not benefits eligible (less than .50 appointment) with a referral to the benefits group for more information.  For Exempt Administrative/Professional positions, the salary shall be presented as an annual amount, for Term Administrative/ Professional positions, the salary shall be presented as a bi-weekly amount, and for Nonexempt Administrative/Professional Positions the wages shall be presented as an Hourly Rate.  This paragraph could also include information about the expected date of first pay check and number of installments.
  3. Contract conditions statement (Required – Whichever is applicable).  This paragraph must be included as the standard clause indicating whether the appointment being offered includes: 1) the right to notice of non-reappointment OR 2) carries no expectations of continuing employment beyond term of contract. 
  4. Degree requirement contingency (If Applicable).  This paragraph explains appointment contingencies in cases where the appointment is being made prior to the candidate fulfilling all degree requirements.
  5. Promotion and Tenure statements (If Applicable - Whichever is applicable).  This includes references to appropriate Promotion and Tenure statements and time periods/dates relevant to tenure evaluation and review, including when the tenure review period would begin.  For more information on determining the appropriate review dates, see University Handbook section C: Faculty Identity, Employment, Tenure section. 
  6. Evaluation statement (Required).  This includes references to the responsibility of the individual be  familiar with university policies and procedures, including those related to faculty promotion and tenure, evaluation, and reappointment guidelines with links to the University Handbook and corresponding departmental documents.
  7. Expectations of the Appointment (Required - Whichever is applicable).  This paragraph includes the assignment of duties by percentages of time and any additional information that the unit head would like to include.  For non-tenure track positions with a position description, the position description may also be attached.  This paragraph addresses the University Handbook [C21.1] requirement that faculty have a letter of expectation. 
  8. Start-Up Package (If Applicable).  This section covers the basic elements of the negotiated start up package.  
  9. Additional Items – (If Applicable – Whichever is applicable).  This section includes information not covered elsewhere.  If addressing relocation expenses, please use or be consistent with the standard paragraphs in the appropriate template.
    • 9a Relocation Expenses (If Applicable - Whichever is Applicable).  See PPM 6320.50 for details on what is allowed.
  10. Governance Policies statement (Required).  This standard paragraph explains the employee’s obligation to be aware of university policies. 
  11. Contingency statement (Required).  This standard paragraph is used to explain the contingencies of the offer.
  12. Request for Return of Signed Copy (Required).  This standard paragraph includes the request for the return of the signed copy and explains the contingencies for finalizing the appointment.
  13. Closing paragraph (Optional).  This paragraph may be modified/customized for unit head welcome or anything else desired by the unit head. 
  14. Department/Unit Head Signature (Optional). 
  15. Dean’s Signature (Required). Contingent offer letters for all unclassified positions in a College must be signed by the appropriate Dean.  For faculty positions not in a College, the offer letter should be signed by the equivalent administrator.
  16. CCs (Required).  The offer letter should be cc:d Department Head, and HRl Resource Center as well as any additional individuals or offices as determined by the Dean/Unit Head. 
  17. Position Number (Required).  The position number is required so HR staff know to which position the offer letter applies.