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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Anytime an employee has a work-related incident or injury the incident must be reported to Kansas State University through the Report an Incident system. This system allows Kansas State University to analyze campus safety. This also serves as the report that will be provided to the state.

Employees may also call the Nurse Triage Line at 1-833-756-2007 for assistance.


Report an Incident

To report a safety or environmental concern, contact safety@k-state.edu.


After an incident is reported to the state, the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF) will determine if the incident is compensable under workers' compensation. If an incident is determined to be non-compensable by SSIF, the employee will need to submit any medical bills through their personal medical insurance.

If an individual needs emergency medical treatment, call 911 or take action to seek the emergency treatment at the nearest emergency facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an employee receive medical treatment for an injury?

To request non-emergency medical treatment the HR Liaison or Supervisor may call the SSIF at (785)296-2364. In some cases, the SSIF may not be able to authorize medical treatment until the electronic incident report is submitted to Human Resources.
An individual should never be discouraged from seeking medical treatment if they feel it is necessary, however, if an employee self‐selects a doctor and does not have prior authorization for treatment from SSIF, the SSIF will only be responsible for the first $500 in unauthorized medical bills from the self‐selected physician once the injury has been found compensable.


Where should medical bills be sent for approved claims?
  • All medical bills should be submitted directly by the provider to the SSIF at the following address:  CompAlliance/SSIF, PO Box 1697, Topeka, KS  66601-1697.
  • DO NOT send medical bills to Human Resources, this will only delay the payment.
  • The employee should notify his or her medical provider that the claim should be submitted as workers compensation to the above address.  Questions about medical payments should be directed to the SSIF at 785-296-2364.


What happens to the medical bill if the claim is found not to be compensable?

The employee will need to pay for the visit and submit the bill to their medical insurance provider. The employee will receive a denial letter from the SSIF that can be sent to the medical insurance provider and/or their personal health insurance.


What is the First Fill Prescription Form?

When medical treatment has been authorized by SSIF, the First Fill Form (pdf) should be provided to the employee for use in filling the first prescription(s) following the injury. The form can only be used for prescription medications related to this injury within the first 24 hours after receipt of the form.


Questions? Contact your HR-Benefits team by email at benefits@ksu.edu or phone at 785.532.1908.